Hum Tv Drama Aahista Aahista Episode 5

| July 9, 2014

Aahista Aahista is a freshly released drama serial published on Pakistani Ionized channel Hum Tv. This drama is shot in San Francisco, USA and astonishingly directed by Haseeb Hassan and produced by stunning Momina Duraid. This serial is becoming at top of the ladder due to its writer Aaliya Bokhari and superbly elected cast.

This story revolved around a mature person Zawar and his Indian based wife Sofia who love each other and they are spending blessed and devastating life well-balanced. Zawar deeply loved his mother (bee jan) who is surviving in Pakistan and coercion his son to get married with his cousin Haya. But Zawar yet not revealed the authenticity of his marriage. But due to consecutive bothering Zawar had to married Haya.

In Latest episode Zawar came back to his wife and did not divulge the factuality of his second marriage but Haya is not ready to live companionless and lonesome as she is an adolescent poltroon girl. And so Zawar is compelled to brought Haya with him in his own house and force Haya to pretend as she is the wife of his friend Zahid’s cousin.

Sophia became bemused Zawar annunciate the name on uninvited guest Haya and so she refused his husband to keep Haya with them but( Toh ye hamari responsibility kyun ho gaye…… aur ek stranger ko main apnay ghar me rakhun jab kay mujhay pata bhe na ho kay wo kab ja  rhe hai No! This is not happening) after forcing Zawar, Sophia agree to keep that girl with them but with frozen heart. She still felt curiosity about Haya.

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