Hum Tv Drama Aahista Aahista Episode 7 Review

| July 14, 2014

Latest 7th episode of this drama serial begins with the grief and affliction of Haya stated in her diary which seems that she is sharing her excruciation to her most beloved Bee Jan. And next day begins with the clamorously voices of Sophia as she is rude enough. I mean annoying and stupid behavior with your guest doesn’t reveal the nice impression and literal manners. She is full of jealousy and I cant conceptualize the Sofia,s reaction when the factuality of Zawar’s second marriage divulge on her. But anyhow this episode is not moving the story forward except increasing Sofia’s acridness with zoee and Haya.

Javed sheikh is another personality having bit role of conversation with Haya in this episode. However Sofia’s rudeness exaggerating day by day she even especially when she called her lawaris…. Haya have had it enough I mean no one can hear these words especially from her co-wife. So Haya decided to go back Pakistan towards her Bee Jan. And here Bee jan asked Zawar to take extra care of Haya as she is only memento of her sister. Zawar trying her best to convince her because he don’t want that let his Bee Jan know about the reality of his first marriage with Sofia.

But as Haya faced a lot she is not ready to stay with Zawar and his rude wife. And that’s it! The story is not moving forward as I was expected. But I must say that Sarwat is playing her role in negative very well……. In next episode promo Zawar try to convince Haya to stay here not only for the sake of Bee jan but also for himself.

aahista aahista


picture of haya


sofia in angry mood


zawar in aahista aahista


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