Hum Tv Drama Bhool Episode 46 Review

| July 17, 2014

This latest 46th episode of Hum tv drama Bhool initiates with the conversation of Sardar sahib with his wife who consecutively aggravating him about Hira that and reveal her suspicion that Hira is not at home right now and she with her maid beguile us. So Sardar sahib move to Hira’s bedroom to check out the reality but he met her maid on the way and asked about Hira and she once again told lie to him that Hira is sleeping in her bedroom and so he believed.

When Hira is informed by her maid about all this matter she asks her maid to be extra careful. And here Nadia’s parents reached to Shazain house in midnight in tension to know about her beloved daughter and start squalling on him. Nadia is in a situation of grief and recall her old memories with his loving hubby and kids.

Next morning Hira’s step mother dissuades Sardar sahib that he should now think something about her marriage. Shazain and his father-in-law filling report in police station to find Nadia. And the story is still on the same point……so the promo of next episode shows some movement in the story where Nadia escaped herself from kidnappers and her father found Hira as a doubtful person.

bhool episode 46



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Nadia's parents

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