Hum TV Drama, Firaaq Review of Mega Episode 16, Cast Hira Salman, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Uzma Gilliani

| December 23, 2014

Jumbo Episode of Firaaq:

The episode 16 is a very extra-large episode (from 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sunday’s night). I think Hum TV wants to end this drama as soon possible. The entry of the Pakistani wife of Imroze (Hareem) makes this drama typical two wives situation based story. Straightforwardly, I never like this drama. Watching this drama is not more than a panicky. I don’t know what’s going on into the mind of writer? This is the same writer who wrote the previous episodes with dialogues & plot but now the story has lost its basic plot as well as dialogues.

In this mega episode, firstly Paiman decided to back but at the last moment she changed her decision & starts t live on Imroze’s home so that she can find the answers of her questions. Expectedly, Imroze’s wife Hareem can never tolerate Paiman at her home. Hareem acts very angrily & madly when she come to know that Paiman is going to live in the same home where she lives with Imroze. No Doubt! It’s a typical reaction. When Paiman talk to Imroze & asks her why he tell a lie of disease with her then Imroze say that “I think you & Roomi both love to each other that’s why I tell a lie & left you”. In simple words Imroze actually started doubting his wife Paiman & his friend Roomi. When Paiman asked from Imroze if you start to doubt on me & Roomi then why don’t you give me divorce? Then Imroze Reply “Q ky biwi ko talaq di ja skti hy mohabbat ko nahi”. Imroze is trying to give explanation to Paiman so that he can compensate his mistakes that he made in the past.

On the other hand, Hareem at one point of time shows her anger on Paiman & Imroze while at other time she thinks that Paiman & Imroze are responsible for her separation from her son. Hareem tries her best in order to deal with Paiman so that Paiman will go back but she never successes. Finally, Imroze reveals before Hareem that “I never ever love you but I always consider you a responsibility”. After know this fact, Hareem, finally, understand her position in Imroze’ life. That’s why she demand divorce from Imroze. Paiman try to talk with Hareem & said to her “never do this” but Hareem replies “mery du shohar, mery maa baap meri soch nahi badal saky tu tum kya badlo gi”.

Let’s see now what decision will be taken by Imroze? Overall, it was nothing than a bizarre to watch this mega episode. Hopefully, this drama will end on the next Sunday so that Hum TV can give place to a new interesting project.

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