Hum Tv Drama Janam Jali Episode 14 Review

| July 25, 2014

Hum tv drama serial Janam Jali is family politics based drama serial. It spotlights the common issues of our society. The latest episode of this drama serial begins with faint condition of Saima’s daughter Huma and Asad at once brought her to doctor. As her condition is not so well because it is an obvious thing that parents confliction badly effects to children. And Shaista ofcoarse being a cunning girl consecutively aggravate Asad about Saima and also advised her to bring Saima back just to pose her self a really kind and humble wife.

But she is the one who spoils Asad and Saima’s married life. And here wee see a positive change when Bay Jee show some kindness and soft behavior for her grand daughter. Sajjad tried to dissuade Asad that it is not well to keep your daughters away from their mother but he is not ready to listen anything in favor of Saima.

And Sajjad appraise Huma’s news to Saima and also tries to convince her, as expected Saima getting depressed to hear the news and reached hospital at once. And as usual Asad again annoyed to see Danyal with Saima. But the conflictions between Asad and Saima are now at peak position and both are unacceptable for each other. Asad decides to eject her from his life. And bay jee asked Shaista to move hospital and don’t let Saima to do anything.

On bay jee’s order she moved to hospital where Sahista suddenly met her x-husband and warned him to stay away from her but he still trying to trap her with his sugar coating words and she literally slipped….and this is the ending point of episode. Next episode shows that Asad daughters were not at school and nobody knows about their location till now.


asad in janam jali

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