Hum Tv Drama Laa Episode 6 Review

| July 17, 2014

The latest 6th episode of drama serial Laa is engaging episode full of interesting pitches. Its story is unique and every episode reveals some new and exquisite material out of characters and every episode contains a turning point little bit. And here Dilawar is an uneducated person brought up in rural areas having arrogant and assuming personality just due to his wealthy background.

He thinks that the power of his wealth is adequate to make Naina his slave or bond servant. But I like Naina’s personality, her confidence and her power to stand to achieve her right. She is a bright and liberal girl. Even she allows her parents to decide her future by electing any person as a husband for her. But she never allowed her future-in-laws to decide the rules and conditions for her life.

And here Dai Maa wants a typically debentured and submissive girl who cannot think with her own mind. Dilawar is a personality with cheap thinking he is fascinated by Naina’s beauty but does not consider her much. He wished to marry her and then manage her through his own. Naina is not really meaningful for her as he already has a girl in his life. Dilawar and Dai Maa are cunning personality this fact basically reveals when they both were talking about nazar ki raqam. I t shows that how they use others for their own benefit.

And on the side of Danyal’s track the story is not moving forward other than he divulge the factuality and share his secret with Laila and here Naina also find out the reality of Danyal and then she get know the reason that why Danyal leave her by telling lie…..Now the question arise in my mind that what would be the next step of Naina? What will she do? She should marry Dilawar or not after knowing the truth that Dilawar and Danyal are brothers. And so in my views next episode must have element of interest and turning point.


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