Hum TV Drama Mann Mayal Episode 14 Review

| April 28, 2016

1. Mann mayal drama episode 14 review

The story took plunge with the marriage of Salahuddin sister Bia while the character of Jeena Gota clear in this episode who is just going to had have an attention of his boss Salahuddin. She went on working in office late night and when Sallu looks at her, he gets angry for working late night and orders her to go home then asking to how she will go Salahuddin drops Jeena to her house.
Mikael still have no change in his attitude and always try to let Manu down while the Manu is expecting second time and misery starts when Mikael threats her and push her on bed. She gets senseless due to the severe condition, on telling to Mikael mother by a servant about her, they take her to hospital where irony is that Salahuddin pays off all the dues because he sent his servant to know all about Manu. What a silly attitude of Salahuddin who is taking instructions about diet and food of Manahil, I mean was the doctor fool who is telling all to a stranger but not to the family members who are with Manu? And the Bholi mother of Mikael estimates all the dues have been paid by her responsible son, its wow, does she not aware of the cold attitude of her son towards Bahu? But Manu knows and calls Salahuddin to not interfere in her matters now and if she saw dheemi muskan on Salahuddin face then surely the reaction gets more furious then this.
Jeena gets worried about Salahuddin to not come to office and called him again and again which Salahuddin sees when coming out to home. Jeena tries her best to do what may become centre of attraction in her boss eyes.
Mikael says to her mother that send the children with Manu to her parents home as he does not like kids but his mother tells him their parents have gone to a pilgrim. The father of Mikael asks him what type of job he is doing that he gets busy in all day and night. On saying that he will go with Mikael to see the nature of his job, Manu packs up the fact with telling that he is working in a call centre office that is why he has to be active at night too.
The episode ends with asking of Manu to Mikael that does he know who have clarified the dues of hospital and he guess different names but Manu remind of him about her teacher and Mikael instantly name for Salahuddin.
The more interesting role in the episode was Servant of Salahuddin who has gone to Manu susral in place of their Servant becoming his brother. In the clips of next episode his character would clear as he always talks about his Guru and surely the Guru is Salahuddin. Manahil will optimize the Guru and asks him to give his contact number. Let’s see which are the new things that are going to happen in next episode.

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