Hum Tv Drama Mausam Episode 7 Pics

| July 11, 2014

It is a Hum tv drama scripted by Aaliya Bokhari. Mausam is the story based on life of two cousins which are brought up like sisters. As they are raising in same atmosphere but they have huge distinction in there nature. Shazia is rebellious and bold girl with broad thinking where as Saman is a simple and amiable girl with decent appearance and reasonable thoughts.

Both cousins come from a middle class background but hero Hashir Hassan belongs to a really rich family and brought up with all luxurious of life. Shazia’s mother is considering as the head of the family and she is a strict personality as well. But Saman’s mother (fazillat mami) is of quite cushioning nature.

Shazia’s aunty wants Shazia’s hand for his son Faisal who is deeply interested in Shazia but she is not happily agree with this relation as she thought that Faisal come not up to her standard. Luckily Shazia has a chance of meeting Hashir coincidently who at once fascinated Shazia to himself by his handsome appearance. Shazia considered him like her dream hero as he is perfect in all aspects.

Shazia is deeply involving in his Hashir but is simply interested in Saman as he seems her thought, nature and way of talking unique from other girls. Shazia start lying in home just for the sake to met Hashir and when her mother comes to know she settled her Nikkah within a weak but although Shazia was not ready and told her mother about Hashir. But she slapped Shazia and asks her to get ready on Nikkah’s date.

But as she is a stubborn girl she wants to try her luck once and reached to Hashir, s office where she came to know the factuality about Hashir,s involvement in Saman. And after revealing the truth that Shazia is moving away from home without telling anyone her future mother in law become annoyed and present a condition of marrying Saman instead of Shazia.

Here in latest episode of Mausam Saman got married with Faisal as no one of them wants to. But Shazia is simply too much happy with this decision as she thinking Saman as the obstacle in his way. But after marriage Faisal is not as good and happy with his wife because he wants Shazia as her life partner. Here when Hashir came to know the factuality of Saman’s relation he remain shocked and facing a dreadful condition. It all happened because Shazia don’t let Saman to know about Hashir,s interest in her.

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faisal wedding picture

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