Hum Tv Drama Mausam Episode 9

| July 22, 2014

The latest 9th episode of this hit drama serial begins when Shazia called her love Hashir and he behaves quite rudely with her show no interest in continuing any conversation with Shazia. And here Saman’s mother reached to her house and told her fears about Shazia and Faisal but Saman as a calm personality full of unlimited patience relaxed her mother. Hashir’s mother reached to Shazia house and she was astonished to see her in her house.

And she was very glad of thinking that Hasher’s mother is here to talk about the marriage of Hashir and Shazia she asked her mom and mami to go and talk nicely with her. But what was happened….when she got to know about the marriage of Saman she at once moved by making excuses. Hashir behaves quite angrily when he gets to know about her mother’s task.

And here Shazia’s mother was quite sad and felt sorry for her daughter because she wished to marry her daughter with Faisal… Finally the exams of Saman and Shazia ended and she refused to take lift in Faisal and Saman’s car so she bring auto and moved to Hashir,s office where she saw him leaving his office so unwillingly she had to left. Hasher met her friend who released her feelings that Shazia is the personality who creates misunderstanding between you and Saman. But he does not believe in all this.

But the main interesting phase comes when Hasher know about the reality of Shazia the in fact she is the person with evil mind who spoils all lives just for her sake. In the restaurant fortunately Hasher met Saman who came for dinner there and she revealed the whole matter unconsciously….. In next episode Saman had to face difficult time when Hasher moved to her house for asking her about whole matter.

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