Hum Tv Drama Mere Meherban Episode 14 Review

| August 28, 2014

The latest episode of this drama serial initiates when Sabrina is about to go her home after her engagement. And Muskan asked Areej to go at Haya’s home to make her jealous with the news of engagement of Zeeshan and Iraj. But Iraj refused to do so. And Muskan alone went to their house and then taunt them consecutively. Alas another bad luck for Haya she was terminated from her job just dues to her fainted behavior.

And here Iraj was so upset and told her mother that they should talk about Sherry but her mother asked to get ready to go outside with his fiancée. And unwillingly Iraj had to go with her Fiancée. But she was still rude and arrogant with him. So he asked about her will in this engagement and guesses the whole story within seconds.

The story of this episode is still and dull as it doesn’t move so forward. And I must say this episode was boring enough. I mean how it can be possible that good peoples always have to suffer and bad ones are always happy.

Muskan, Iraj and their mother was rough and arrogant enough and yes ofcoarse Zesshan is nothing but looser and careless person who really not deserves Haya. Finally Zeeshan’s father came back to Pakistan after all this and apologizes to his brother and Haya…..And the promo of next episode reveals the same condition in more serious manner.


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