Hum TV Drama Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 14 & 15

| January 17, 2015

Story of Sadqay Tumhare Episode 14 & 15

Both Episodes 14 & 15 are really very interesting & full of new turns & twists. On the order of Mushtaq’s father (Mushtaq is the guy who misbehaves with Shanno at the mehendi function of Humaira’s brother & Khalil beats him) police take the Khalil to the police station & beats him. After beating to Khali Police left him & Khalil once again come back to the village. He reached at Shanno’s home. When Shanno’s father came to know the entire story about Police then He said to Khalil “don’t tell all this to your father”. Khalil replied “Ok”. Shanno’s father seemed quite impressed from Khalil when he said to his wife Rasheeda that “Mujhy lagta hy k hm jhootey hen or wo dono sachay hen”. Amin (father of Shanno) is ready to accept the proposal of Khalil but Rasheeda (the wife of Amin & mother of Shanno) is not ready for this proposal. I think Amin knows the true feeling of Khalil for Shanno that’s why he is ready for the marriage but Rasheeda is not ready at any cost because she wants to take revenge from Abdur-Rehman & Anayat Appa (Anayat is the elder sister of Rasheeda & wife of Ex-fiancé Abdur Rehman).

Abdur-Rehman reached in village so that he can once again talk with Amin & Rasheeda about the marriage of Shanno & Khalil. On the arrival of Abdur Rehman Rasheeda seemed quite happy. Abdur Rehman talks with Amin about Khalil & Shanno. Amin said that “I am ready but Rasheeda is not”. Abdur Rehman said to Amin that “I want to talk with Rasheeda privately about the Shanno & Khalil”. Amin allow his brother-in-law Abdur Rehman to talk with Rasheeda. But Rasheeda behaves like a teenage girl when she enters into the room where Abdur-Rehman is sitting alone. Abdur Rehman said to Rasheeda that “I am ready to do anything for Khalil & Shanno Marriage”. Rasheeda said to Abdur-Rehman “aik shart hy agr na mani tu kafir ho gy”. Then Rasheeda said that “I will be ready for the marriage of Shanno & Khalil if you give Divorce to your wife Anayat & I will take divorce from my Husband Amin then we both will get marry to each other”. On this demand of Rasheeda Abdur Rehman become aggressive & left the room by saying “ye faisla Khuda py chor du k aisi ghatiya baat krny wala kafir hy ya sunaney wala”.

After coming out from the room Abdur Rehman immediately orders his son Khalil that we are going back to Lahore right now. From this order Khalil comes to know that Rasheeda Khala once again refused his proposal. Then both go away from Shanno’s home.

On the other hand Rasheeda tells lie with her Husband Amin by saying that “Abdur-Rehman want to marry with me” while in actual it was Rasheeda who express her wish to marry with Abdur Rehman when she was talking with Abdur Rehman privately in the room. Rasheeda is a woman who got such a loving & caring husband in the form of Amin but she is not thankful for this. She never understands the true love of khalil & Shanno. Amin blindly believes on his wife & on her each story the she made about Abdur-Rehman & Rasheeda is taking advantage from her husband’s trust. When Amin comes to know about the demand of Abdur-Rehman then he also becomes aggressive.

When Khalil try to sit on Tanga then he feel pain in his back. Abdur Rehman notices it & check out the body of Khalil. Khalil never tells the story of Police to his father Abdur-Rehman but his father came to know all the fact when he saw wounds on his son’s body. After reaching to Lahore Abdur-Rehman use his approach to concerned authority & take action against the father of Mushtaq. Now Mushtaq’s father is in jail. Humaira’s mother said her daughter that “you should to talk with Shanno about your Uncle (who is in jail)”. But Humaira (best friend of Shanno) refuse to her mother b y saying that “Khalil is like a brother for me that’s why how I can forgive a person who beats my brother”. Shanno is also not ready to forgive Humaira’s cousin Mushtaq & his Father.

When Rasheeda was not at home then Amin think to talk with Shanno so that he can tell her daughter about the bad mentality of her uncle & Khalil’s father “Abdur Rehman”. But when Shanno come to know entire story then she refuses to believe on this story because according to Shanno Khalil’s father Abdur Rehman can never say such a mean things to her mother. When Rasheeda come to know Amin told everything to Shanno then she feels scared & shows her anger by beating & abusing her daughter Shanno. Shanno’s father said to his daughter Shanno “ab tum is ghar sy qadam bahir nahi nikalo gi”.

On the other hand, Khalil’s mother is very upset due to the physical condition of her son. Khalil parents & family members seem quite supportive for him. Doctor Maqsood & Captain once again try to convince Khalil for court marriage by saying that “Mohabat nae haray gi, mohabbat nae tootay gi lekin mohabat karny wala har bhi jata hy or toot bi”. Khalil is seemed quite impressed from the talks of Captain & Doctor. In the next scene we saw Khalil & Doctor Maqsood both are sitting into a home of Master Saab in village. Khalil want to meet with Shanno but Shanno is not allowed to go out from home. Let see what happened?

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