Hum TV Drama Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 25

| March 28, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare-Episode 25

Sadqay Tumhare is really a very heart touching story with awesome dialogues. Every dialogue of this drama is written very well & 25th episode was really another stunning episode which glued me before TV screen. I was a treat for me to watch this episode. This episode starts from the scene of Shanno & Rasheeda. In which Rasheeda continuously try to hit her daughter & she try to make clear that she will never ever agree for her marriage with Khalil & like an obedient daughter Shanno obey her mother’s order by saying that “I am not marrying with Khalil for the sake of my father’s health”. Shanno told her mother about the saint’s predictions (that Humaira told to Shanno). Furthermore, Shanno try to talk with her mother very politely.

She said to her mother that “I am like a friend for you so you can share your feelings & emotions with me & I understand you very well”. She further said to her mother that “if you can never love to my father Amin then at least you can give him respect that he deserves”. This scene was done very beautifully by both Shanno & Rasheeda. Shanno further said that “I will stop Khalil from coming here & in this way his father Abdur-Rehman will come here”. By doing this Shanno is actually trying to become a bridge between Rasheeda & Abdur-Rehman’s love story.

Next we saw that Shanno meet with Khalil & talk about the “Thaska”. I think the “Thaska” is given more importance than required. Well, what we can do now. Finally, we saw that Shanno knows every intention of Humaira especially when Humaira ask the address of Khalil (so that she can write a letter to him). At one side Humaira is playing her game very well so that she can get Khalil while on the other hand Shanno is giving space to Khalil so that she can test her love. Shanno is a pure girl & she wants sincerity in every relation. Humaira get the address of Khalil from Shanno & then she writes a letter to Khalil.

I think a twist will surely come into the love story of Shanno & Khalil not because of Rasheeda or Humaira but only because of Khalil. I think like Shanno Khalil should also think rationally about how he should behave in such circumstances. Well, this was a good episode that is written & directed well. Let’s see what will happen into the next upcoming episode! I must say that the drama should wrap up now because things are going more messy than resolving!

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