Hum TV Drama Serial Firaaq Review of Episode 7

| October 28, 2014

“Firaaq” Episode 7 Review

In this episode, we mostly observed a change in the relations of Maa jee (Tabbasum) & Haider. In a scene when both were sitting & taking their tea, Tabbasum said to her husband Haider “Begair cheeni ky chai pi rahe ho or kuch nahi bol rahy. Itny salon sy mujh jesi kurwi aurat ky sath jiye ja rays ho”. These dialogues actually shows about her soften feeling. Now it becomes very much obvious for Tabbasum that he is the only person who values her feelings & worth her intentions. The relationship between both Haider & Tabbasum moves from bitterness to softness. Tabbasum also feels her husband’s good intentions towards her daughter Paiman. Both older actors are doing their jobs very well & good delivery of dialogues. The chemistry between both is really very brilliant.

If we cast a look on Paiman’s role then it is right to say that in this episode she left her brother’s home as well. Paiman left not only Maa-jee and Haider because she cannot further tolerate her Maa jee bitter talks but also Shams and Sara because shams also behave like her mother. Paiman wants freedom & like to live a life in which she never feels like a bird that live in a cage. After leaving her brother’s home, she goes to Amroze’s home. We also saw that Paiman’s mother Maa Jee never like her decision of getting married soon with Amroze (Pagloon ka Doctor according to Maa Jee). Amroze treats her very soft heartedly. Well the couple fall in, love so quickly. Let’s see whether both take a right decision or wrong? She has got bitter experience from her mother as well as from her brother. Now in search of a person who values her feeling, she thinks Amroze is the right person. Amroze is also lonely like Paiman that’s why both are giving value to each other. Let see how much long this journey will be?

We further saw that Paiman’s mother bought a red color wedding dress for her like a traditional mother. It all shows that the traditional festivities. Let see whether Paiman wears this red dress or not?

We saw the clouted, egotism, authoritative & commanding behavior of Shams not only with her sister but also with her wife Sara. It is only the Shams’ stubbornness which allows Sara to leave him alone. He heartily wanted that Sara will come back home but cannot express his feelings. He missed her a lot. Sara is tired of being ignored that’s why she take this decision.

Roomi’s character (the painter) is shown less in this episode. I sometimes think that he is used like a prop. When need then he appears & when not then he disappears. In short words this episode was good. Wait for the next. Let see what will be the next steps of every character. The play is well written as well as well directed. Some flaws were seen during the delivery of dialogues by the Sara (Cybil Chudhry). Sanam Saeed is also doing her job very well. Amroze is also good.

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drama serial Firaaq Episode 7 review

drama serial Firaaq Episode 7 review (1)

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