Hum Tv Drama Serial “Laa” Episode 7 Review

| July 22, 2014

Laa is the highly ranked and ionized drama serial these days which is now on top of the list it has unlimited entertainment and interesting values with remarkable appreciation as it is based on unique story. The story of drama serial Laa moved forward in this episode where we all know that Dilawar is a step brother of Danyal and Dai Maa wanted him to be dead as she wants her son the whole heir of his husband’s property.

Danyal shared all his secrets and tensions with Laila and she promised to do all things to help Him. And Naina wants to meet Danyal in this episode. And here is an other problem that Dai maa is not much impressed with her future daughter in law, Naina and her simplicity because she wears quite simple and informal dress in a very formal event which is not acceptable for Dai Maa.

Here Laila and Dilawar have conversation about Naina, and he discuss that she is not accepting her gift but he gives a damn care to her Dilawar has no concern whether Naina loves him or not. H ere we have an interesting phase where Nemat Khan know about Daniyal,s mother but he is ready to reveal him the truth on his own conditions.

Because his plan works only with the co operation of Danyal. There are many mysterious which are going to be solved in next episodes like why Laila is so worried when she saw that Dilawar knows that he has a step brother??? What is she upto???…. All these facts were revaled in coming episodes.


laa drama pics

laa drama picture


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picture of Naina

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