Hum Tv Drama Serial Mausam Episode 14 Review

| August 25, 2014

This latest episode initiates when finally our charming hero Hashir met her dream girl Saman on his house. Both were shocked to see each other at Hashir,s home but he took a second to become normal after seeing her. And then there little conversation was a breath of fresh air to this drama serial. Finally this drama serial move little bit. Saman is about to go when Hashir,s mother stopped her that she cant go until she had lunch with them. Hashir was so happy to see her after long time.

After lunch he dropped Saman to her home and on the way they have nice little but fresh conversation…….him now the drama is moving to interesting phase. What is Faisal and Shazia upto??? What would be the reaction of Shazia after seeing Hashir???? And many other such questions arise in our mind because this drama involves the element of interest. After some days Saman told Faisal that Nigar aunty is coming to see her. But Faisal becomes angry after knowing this he start shouting and abusing her and at the same time Hashir and Nigar aunty reached and saw whole scene. Faisal really mistreated them and asked them to leave from his house.

I mean that’s too much…Faisal is nothing but an idiot and illiterate man who has no manners. Saman was so ashamed on his behavior but she is scary enough so she can’t do anything. And here Saman’s mother did not divulge the factuality of Shazia till now so Saman thinks that Shazia is not bad enough as her mother thinks. And Shazia is still posing as a nice and sincere friend of Saman so that she can get all information about the relation of Saman and Faisal….And here we have a lot in the promo of next episode which showed that Faisal threatens her wife Saman for divorce and Hashir,s mother suggest Faisal that they should use money and offered Faisal to leave Saman. And Hashir saw Shazia with Faisal and he told the whole scene to Saman…. Now let’s see what happened next.

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