Hum TV Drama “Zid” Last Episode Review

| May 5, 2015

Zid Episode 9-Finally Comes to an End

I think the end of the drama was not justifiable because Umer divorced Saman in the last episode while I am expecting a patch up between both because I think Saman will learn from her past mistakes & Umer will forgive her by giving her one chance but Saman never speaks even a single time that she wants a patch up. Umer hand over the divorce paper to Saman & Saman received these papers very easily without speaking a single word.

When this episode started then we saw that in most of the scenes Zee tried hard in order to get Umer Back but Umer feels quite uncomfortable into the company Of Zee & say her “get out from my house” but Zee never go out. Saman knows the fact very well that Umer never like the presence of Zee still she allows Zee to stay into her home. But in one Scene when Zee was trying to patch up with Umer then Saman saw both Umer & Zee standing with each other, then Saman takes a decision & say Zee “get out from my home” because according to Saman “she believes on Zee, think about her very kindly & provides her a shelter but in return Zee tried to snatch Umer from Saman”.

Zee finally commits a suicide after leaving the home of Saman.  Zee left an apologies letter for Saman. The clam nature Umer finally shows his hyper-ness into the last episode by giving divorce to Saman (a ziddi girl).

The writer of this drama actually wants to convey the message that “Zid” ruins the lives of people as the life of Rukhi, as the life of Zee & the life of Saman”. I think this message is already conveyed to the viewers from the death of Rukhi & unsatisfied life of Zee. So, now, no need to ruin the life of Saman because Zid is not a serious disease or an in-born habit which cannot be changed. Many people save their lives by bringing change into their habits & views. I think Saman can also bring this change into herself & Umer should give at least one chance to Saman after her decision of saying “get out to Zee”.

I am still confused about why Saman always shows very courteous & kind behavior towards Zee because I never ever saw that Zee also shows such behavior towards Saman. In return Zee only ruined the life of Saman!

We are expecting best serials & dramas from Hum network, the writer & directors can also done their jobs well if tried a little hard. We never want a drama which is shot in western country we want something new, sensible & rational no matter where its shoots will be done.

It was a pathetic ending. I have mixed feelings for the character of Saman because at one side I think that Saman deserve this because of her irrational, careless & stubborn nature while on the other side I feel pitiable for Saman because she can take lesson from the lives of Rukhi & Zee in this way she can give a chance to herself. But unfortunately, she never does this. When she understands the fact then it becomes too late. I must say

“It is no use of crying over spilt milk”

What’s your opinion about the last episode!

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