Hum TV Drama Zid Review of Episode 15

| April 6, 2015

Zid Episode 15 Review:

Episode 15 of drama Zid throws light on the “Zid” of Saman. Saman is really a very complicated girl. I cannot understand what’s going on into her mind because she always does unexpected things. In this episode we saw that when Zainab the Ex-wife of Umer request for help from Umer then Saman once again help her in order to stay at the home of Umer. Saman helps Zainab by providing her the shelter at her husband’s home. Why she allow Zee to stay at Umer’s home? I think it is a wrong decision from the side of Saman. From the last three or four episodes the director & writer again & again trying to told the viewers that Saman only wants to help Zee so for this purpose I think she can admit Zee into a rehab because Zee is now become a drug addict & it is not a wise idea to keep Zee at her own home. We saw that Zee talk with Saman very bitterly & Saman also never like the way Zee talks with her but immediately into the next scene we saw that Saman hug the Zee when she saw Zee in a very miserable condition (Zee was finding drugs very madly & when Saman asked from her what she is finding then Zee starts to cry by saying something like that “me apni moot of dhondh rahi hn”).

On the other hand Umer is trying his best in order to live a happy life with Saman. But Umer is unhappy from the wrong decision of Saman about Zee. Umer never likes the existence of Zee at his home.

Rukhi is still busy into the preparations of a traditional wedding on the wish of her father. Rukhi’ father Qasim once again talks with Rukhi by saying that “Abhi bi waqt hy Pakistan chalty hen or mery khandan me buht achy achy larkey hen tum jis sy kho gi me tumhari shadi karon ga” but Rukhi become very angry on this statement because she only love David & has already taken her decision about her life partner.

Qasim become very angry on Umer when he comes to know from Umer that Zee is living at the home of Umer. Qasim said to Umer that our young generation is actually forgetting the traditions of our forefathers. Qasim feels quite upset after knowing that Zee is staying at Umer home.

The drama ends on the scene where Qasim saw her daughter Rukhi dancing with David after the mehendi function. David come to meet with Rukhi without the permission of Qasim & Rukhi said to David “you should go now” but David said “I come here to meet with my bride”. The way Qasim looks towards the Rukhi from the roof, it looks as something great will happen into the next episode. Let wait & watch!

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