Hum TV Drama Zid Review of Episode 16 & 17

| April 21, 2015

Zid-Episode 16 & 17 Review

The 16th episode is all about Rukhi. In this episode we saw that Rukhi suddenly disappear from the screen. We also saw the blame game between Qasim (father of Rukhi) & David (Christian Husband of Rukhi).  I like the logical decision from the side of David when he said that “he will file a case against Qasim. Everyone seemed quite tensed due to Rukhi. On the other hand a cold war is still continuing between Zainab & Saman.

Zainab said that Saman is living with Umer for opposing her. But Saman wants to prove her wrong. Saman thinks that Zainab wants to destroy her home. That’s why Saman is ready to fight with Zainab. I am still confused about this rivalry between Zainab & Saman because she is same Saman who cares for Zainab but now she is thinking totally a different way about Zainab. If we cast a look at Umer’s character then he is also seemed quite foolish because he is never thinking like a practical man. He is engaged in a relationship in which he only gets sorrows from the side of Saman but he still wants to carry on this relationship. Well, God Bless you Umer.

Hopefully, you will successes in your mission. I am very much surprised about Umer’s idleness because he is living a lavish life in US but we mostly see him on roads, street, Qasim’s home & sometimes tackling with Saman & Zainab but we never ever see him in office. Well, it never matters for us the thing that matters is that the director & writer should wrap up this drama soon; I am expecting a happy ending of Umer & Saman.

The 17th Episode of this drama throws light on the death secret of Rukhi. How she died & who kill her? Qasim is the killer of Rukhi. Yes the father who loved his daughter a lot finally killed his daughter. Qasim, the Psycho person, killed Rukhi, he actually never want to kill her but unlucky he killed her. When Rukhi come inside after Meeting David then a quarrel between father & daughter occur which caused Rukhi to fell down from the stairs & at the same time Qasim run to call for an ambulance but at the last moment he changed his decision & never call the doctor or ambulance & in this way he let his daughter to die. Then he lost his senses & becomes a psycho person. When Saman visits the home of Rukhi then she observed that Qasim uncle is behaving very strangely & later she find out that Qasim Uncle is the real killer of Rukhi.

In the same episode, we saw that Qasim finally commit a suicide. Before committing suicide he calls to Umer & talk very strangely. Umer Drive fastly & reached at Qasim’s Uncle Home but before Umer’s arrival Qasim has committed suicide. So, finally, the chapter of Rukhi & Qasim has closed. Now let see what happened with Zainab, Umer & Saman? In this episode there are lots of flash back of Rukhi. When Ume said to Saman “let us go at Qasim’s Uncle Home so that we can pack their luggage for Pakistan” then Saman refuse to go with Umer but Zainab offers Umer “can I go with you?” & Umer accepts the offers & takes Zainab with himself.

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