Hum TV Drama Zidd-Review of Episode 12 & 13

| March 24, 2015

Zidd Drama-Episode 12 & 13 Review

I think each & every character of this drama is seriously a mental case. It seems as everyone is stick on “Zidd” such as Saman want freedom & that’s why she is not ready to live with Umer, Qasim never want to accept the marriage of her daughter, Rukhi (the daughter of Qasim) also stick on her Zidd that she only loves David, Umer left Saman & allow her to do whatever she wants to do, Zainab is on her own path. Overall, everyone is doing whatever he/she want.

In these two episodes we find out that Saman continuously prefer to live with Zeb on her apartment. Even she knows that Zeb is not a good girl & she was also the ex-wife of Umer still she want to live with her. Zeb want to marry with Michael but Saman want to stop her from doing this but Zeb never listen Saman & to do what she want by marrying with Michael. Michael is a jobless & drug addict person who is also very mental case because sometimes he seemed quite loving & caring toward Zeb & sometimes he starts to beat Zeb.

This half man & half chicken like person also try to misbehave wit Saman. But the surprising thing for me is that Saman stays at the home of Zen even after the misbehavior of Michael (Michael fights with Saman & fighting scene was really very funny & full of enjoyment). Saman is the girl who always follows her own rules & never compromise on these rules, she left her family, she left Umer & she left Qasim’s uncle home only because she cannot compromise on her self-respect & freedom but at Zeb’s home surprisingly she is compromising with Zeb as well as with Michael. In the same episode we find out that Michael goes into jail & Zeb is quite disappointed on it.

During discussion with Rukhi, Saman reveals that “she has an unknown connection & concern from Zeb & she wants to save her from the wrong decision”. I don’t know what Saman is doing now because at one side she believe that everyone is totally independent in order to take the decision about life & that’s why she support the decision of Rukhi to marry with David but on the other hand she oppose the decision of Zeb to marry with Michael.

When Zeb come to know that Michael is coming back home the she seemed quite happy but she got the news that Michael died into the jail & she seemed quite disappointed & sad after getting this news. Saman is a girl who is independent & not a jobless girl so I think she can afford another apartment on rent where she can spend a life independently but she is not dong this instead of it she prefer to live with Zee (Zainab).

On the other hand, Rukhi is trying her best in order to make her father happy. Even she married with David but he seemed quite unhappy but why? She again & again show that she loves her father a lot then why she married with David against the will of her father (whom her father  never likes)? Rukhi knows well about “How Saman is living a tough life with Zeb”. She knows that “Saman is insecure with Zeb” then why she is not directly talking with Umer that Saman is not secure with Zeb? She talks with Umer but indirectly. She is a confident girl & quite frank with then I think she should talk with Umer about Saman very directly.

Although Qasim forgive her daughter yet it seems as he is playing a game with Rukhi (well It’s only a guess from my side may be it’ wrong judgment). When Qasim was cooking food & Rukhi was talking about the Pakistani wedding then Qasim told her about the “tradition of Mayoon in which Bridal never talk & meet with the groom” then I noticed the face expression of Qasim which was really strange. Saman is living a life which is full of with troubles only because of her own “Zid”. She makes her life hell only because of her own wrong decisions. He point of views about love & men are really very ridiculous that she vocal before Rukhi. Let see what happened into the next episode. The timing of this drama has changed because now it has shifted from 08:00 pm of Tuesday’s nights to 09:00 pm of Sunday’s night.

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