Hum TV Drama Zidd Review of Episode 8

| February 11, 2015

Review of Zidd Episode 8

Zidd is all about “Saman’s Zidd”. Saman once again left the home of Qasim Uncle because Qasim Uncle tries to talk with her. I think, Qasim Uncle Try to make some sense so that Saman can review her decision but she once again does that she likes. Saman’s personality is really very confusing for the viewers because she is always on her own path. She did what she likes, she never thinks about others but when it comes to others then she seems quite logical in her discussion. The way she tries to talk with Rukhi seems quite logical but when it comes to her own married life then she never thinks logically. So, Saman left Qasim Uncle home & takes a decision to stay at Zainab’s home.  Saman said to other that she wants to enjoy her life but now why she is so depressed.

If we cast a look at the love track of Rukhi then it becomes more obvious about her character that she knows exactly what she needs & she also knows the way how she can get it. Rukhi is also a girl who is stubborn in her decisions & headstrong but she never tries to hurt the people whom she loves so much. She loves David (an American guy who proposes her) as well as she loves here father a lot. Her father is not ready to marry her daughter with an American Guy but Rukhi is inflexible in her decision but she never tries to hurt her father emotionally because she never wants to collects bitter memories. Everyone try to talk with Rukhi but s trusts David as he pleased her.

On the other hand Qasim is father who always wants best for her daughter but he is not ready that his daughter Rukhi will marry with an American Guy “Goora”. But I think he never defend himself before Rukhi because in the past he has done the same thing by marrying with an American girl (Jullian). So, how he can expect from her daughter to act differently? Hopefully, that Rukhi & her Zidd will never cost anymore in the future.

Zainab’s encounter with Umer very clearly shows that both share a past with each other because the way Zainab talks about his dressing, this told us about the connection that both share with each other. I guess that Zainab may be the first wife of Umer.

Saman finally gets a job of housekeeper. She is now appointed by the Shazia’s (Angeline Malik character) for her mother. Shazia’s (Angeline Malik) mother is weak mentally as well as physically that’s why she hires Saman as a lady who can take care he mother. The role of old lady is played by Ismat Zaidi. The way Shazia talks with Saman & said to her that “Logon ko izat raas nae atti”.  This dialogue hit on Saman’s heart & made her uncomfortable. Overall we can say that this episode is much better as compared from the previous slower episode. The preview of the next episode is also quite interesting. Let‘s wait for the next Tuesday.

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