Hum Tv Famous Drama Serial Janam Jali Episode 15 Review

| August 9, 2014

The latest episode of this drama serial begins when Shaista aggravate Bee
jan about Saima that she is a very clever and stubborn girls who is not ready to listen anything and Huma also doesn’t like her. She told Bee Jan that Saima taunts her too much. And Bee jan avised her that daughters should be given to Saima till her divorce. And here Asad came to receive Huma from hospital to his house and Saima is really sad to leaving her daughter like this and let her go with Asad, she shared her feelings with his one and only sincere friend Danyal.

And Bee Jee asked his son to control your wife but his elder son has his own mind and thoughts and he know the difference between right and wrong. He told his mother that his transferred to Quetta by his job as he gets promotion, he told her that he should must go there and know he is mature man so he should allowed to take some decisions in his life and so she allowed to do so.

Asad brings her daughter back to his house Shaista dissuade him that Huma is disturbed now and she needs her mother but Asad told her that now Saima has no importance for him. And here Shaista’s exe-husband Nauman again trying to trapped her I dnt know for what reason, this suspense will be reveled in next few episodes. He asked to met her and with some coquettish behavior she agreed to met him.

And Bee Jee asked Asad to divorced Saima and gave her daughters, but Asad is not ready to let her daughters go. At this point I must say Asad is nothing but a selfish person who has no guts to judge his wife with his own views. Asad admit his daughters to school again. And here Huma and Hina were moved from school and Asad told Saima that gatekeeper said that daughters were moved with her mother……The next episode of this drama serial reveals that Huam and Hina were reached to her mother and Asad thinks that children were in right hands now as her mother can better person who cares for them.


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