Hum Tv Ionized Drama Serial Laa Episode 12 Review

| August 28, 2014

In this latest episode of drama serial Laa Hina finally found out the huge reality of her life that Danyal is his son but its not the end of her searching. And now she can use her all power to prove in the court that Danyal is Innocent and especially she has to find him. And the saddest thing is that Hina become unable to prove Danyal innocent if Laila dies.

Danyal is just finding a way to out of this situation he is becoming rid off all this and the secret of his real identity is almost out when his heroine Naina reveals the whole fact to her parents and Hina and that he is not criminal. And here after knowing the whole truth Dilawar is finding both Naimat khan and Danyal.

It was surprising that Hina still has not taken Laila,s case because she has been holding press conference and on the way Danyal was kidnapped. And she was speaking on phone about the case Danyal and Naina come to see her, and she is on the phone saying that she wants that Danyal should punished for what he ha done. But in our country like Pakistan, the decision of cases are not taken quickly, especially when criminal are not in police custody.

And here Laila is in hospital and the worst thing is that someone is tryong to kill her in hospital, may be Dilawar…..but Naina saved her life. The main theme and subject of this episode was Hina,s mental condition when she was trying to find out the whole truth. And yes…Hina and her colleague’s friendship is strong and have amazing bonding I mean he always replete her with sound suggestions…..The next episode is seemed more exciting….that Laila is surviving and Danyal will make his way to Lahore.

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