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| January 8, 2015

“Zidd” Drama Review of Episode 1, 2 & 3

“Zidd” is a new drama serial that is aired on HUM TV at 08:00 am on every Tuesday’s night. The story is written by “Be Gull “. The derma is directed by the Adnan Wai Q, Momina Duraid & Mehroz Karim. Its cast consists on Ahsan Khan (as Umer), Maya Ali (as Saman), Rabab Hashim, Kunwar Arsalan (as Akber), Humayun Ashraf (as Raza naughty brother of Saman), Manzoor Qureshi (father of Saman), Sultana Zafar (as appo, Phopho of Saman), Mehmood Akhter (father of Umer), Huma Nawab (mother of Umer), Nousheen Shah, Angileen Malik, Ismat Zaidi etc.  Its Genre is Romantic & social. Its 1st episode was aired on HUM TV at 08:00 pm on the date of 23rd December, 2014. Here on this page we are going to take a review from 1st to 3rd episode of this drama.

These 3 episodes are full of thrill & interesting twists. The first episode gives us a glimpse of various characters especially the character of “Maya Ali as Saman”. Saman is an independent girl who belongs from a liberal & open-minded Pakistani family. She is a professional working woman/girl who works in an office. His father loves her too much. This love leads her towards the stubborn nature. She is a straightforward girl. Her brother Raza is a very naughty, cheerful & good nature person. Raza is the elder brother of Saman. He also loves her sister a lot.

Raza is engaged with “Sonia”. Sonia is also a girl of jolly nature.  The couple of Raza & Sonia is really very cute. Saman is going to marry with Akber but due to some reasons Saman said to Akber that “I want to reschedule the date of marriage”. On this demand of Saman Akber become aggressive. Saman feels that Akber is an aggressive person because if she never receives his calls or never gives a reply of his messages then he becomes aggressive.

She thinks that she can never spend her whole life with such an aggressive person. That’s why she breaks the engagement with Akber only a few days before wedding. This is really very embracing for Saman’s family but due to her stubborn nature they have to agree with her decision. Finally, Saman’s & Akber’s marriage has been cancelled.

Sultana Zafar as Appo is basically showing the character of those old people who are very much conservative & Appo bring a proposal for Saman. The boy “Umer” belongs from the USA. Appo said that Umer is a very nice guy & he is just perfect for our cute Saman. Umer comes with his mother & father into Pakistan so that he can marry with Saman.

Saman’s family is trying its best in order to stay away Saman from Umer so that Saman can never talk with Umer. Saman is a straightforward girl that’s why her family is afraid of her because if Saman told everything about her past engagements to Umer & his family then “may be Umer & his family will refuse from this marriage”. There are lots of funny scenes also. Finally, they got success into their plan.

Finally, the time of Nikha comes but Saman refuse from signing the Nikha papers because according to Saman an article of this marriage agreement allows her to keep the right of Divorce. Her brother & father talks with her but Saman straightly go towards Umer & asked from him “I want to keep the right of Divorce. Do you have any kind of problem?” but Umer said “no I have no problem with it”. In other words he gives the right of divorce to her. Finally, Saman signed the Nikha papers.

Umer‘s family is very much shocked to see such a bold step from the side of Saman but Umer have no problem from it. On the other hand the family of Sonia (Raza’s fiancée) is also in shock due to such a bold step of Saman. After Nikha, when Mehendi function was held, then Saman told everything to Umer all about her broken engagements because she never want to hide the secrets of her breakups from Umer. Umer’s family comes to Pakistan so that they can get a “shareef baho” but Saman is headstrong, stubborn & determined.

She said to Umer that “I only used you for a ticket to USA”. After knowing all these facts whether the family of Umer will agree for Rukhsity or not? Now let see what happened in the upcoming episode. Umer is also hiding a secret from Saman. Let see whether he will reveal this secret before Saman in the upcoming episodes or not. What secret comes out from the side of Umer? Just wait for the next episode review! Believe me it will also full of with new twists.

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