Hum Tv Serial Aahista Aahista Episode 12 Review

| August 15, 2014

The episode initiates when Zawar saw his wife with other boy who insist to talk her. But Zawar felt great jealousy to see her wife with any other persons even for a while. He asks justification to his Haya but she told him that she is not answerable to him. And yes after a period of one month Sophia came back to her home with lots of expectations in her mind. But what was that??? After entering her home she knew that her husband is absent from their home from one month…and it is along time.

So she felt worried and doubtful about Zawar and asked him that where he spends his days and nights from one month… she shouted on him because she is really sensitive about Zawar and her relation with him and told him that as a wife it is her right to get all informations about his husband.

Zawar told her that he is living with his mother from one month and this is the reason of his absences from one month. And here Zawar is falling in love with Haya and know he is ignoring Sofia and feels her as a “ghalti” to enter her in his life. And now Zawar is just get rid of Sofia but and now he wants Sofia to vanish from his life but is it so easy??? Now he become wishful to spend his life in Pakistan with Pakistani wife, his mother and eating Pakistani pakwan and seeing her wife in traditional dresses.

Then what happened to Sofia, I mean she is Zawar’s responsibility and life partner from 4 years. He has no right to destroy one;s 4 years of life. And here Sofia’s friend Ruby realizes her that Zawar is changing in his behavior with Sofia. And Sofia when saw his husband with Bee jan in coffee shop she went to met him as a friend but Bee jan really dislikes her frankness with Zawar and warn Haya to keep her eyes on Zawar. Now lets see what happened in next episode……. Will zawar divulge the whole factuality??? How will sofia react???

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