Imran Abbas upcoming Indian based film “Creature 3D”

| August 11, 2014

Creature 3D is an upcoming Indian based film of Imran Abbas as a hero
and Bipasha Basu in heroine role. Creature 3D is a monster thriller science
fiction film which is directed by Vikram Bhatt. This film is produced under
the banner of T-series in association with BVG films and co-produced by
Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar. The first trailer of this latest upcoming film was released in july 2014 and Koimoi called it “half baked trailer that release solely on 3D”.

The cast of this film is Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas Naqvi, Deepraj rana, Mukul Dev, Karan Singh Grover and Bikramjeet Kanwarpal. . The story of this film is based on the born of new creatue in the area of forest. Bipasha Basu whose name is Ahana in this film buys new hotel in forest area. Imran abbas played the role of singer who also joins this new hotel for promotional purpose. One day all the people who stays in hotel were traveled to forest area and they found unusual activity of some creature. And that creature is fond of eating human beings as food.

Ahana can’t leave this hotel because her whole life depends on her newly formed hotel. And that beast eats humans and with the passage of time his hunger increases and there is no solution for it without killing him. Know this is the summary of the latest upcoming film Creature 3D. So now lets see what will be whole story and ending of this film. It is the long-awaited film for the fans of Imran Abbas and Bipasha Basu.of Muhabbat ab nahi hogi, Muhabbat ab nahi hogi 1st

Bipasha and Imran

Bipasha Basu in creature 3D

Bipasha in 3D creTURE

Creature 3D picture

Creature 3D

Imran Abbas in Indian Film

Indian 3D film

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