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| August 18, 2014

And yes we have a lot to see in this episode, I mean we have some movind points in this episode. Finally the hero came back in this episode and we feel his presence in the drama. But the point to be noted is the whole year passed in few seconds and there is not much change in this whole year. Hashir came back to Pakistan after one year.

And he is still in love with Saman, and she spends unhappy life with Faisal as he is rude to her till now. And Shazia is still in dreams of Hashir. Hashir’s father is still blackmailing his mother. And Saman is still going to the same parlor in which Nigar moved. And one important thing is when Saman again figured out that her husband Faisal is in touch with her cousin.

And on the track of Mehreen it was glad to see that she shows some self respect and decided to move forward in her life when she knows the reason that why Hashir left Pakistan. Shazaia is really sad and still remember the time passed with Hashir but still I fell no sympathy for that girl because she spoils many lives just for her own sake and still she is doing wrong with her innocent cousin.

I mean if she is really in love with Hashir then why she contacted with Faisal at the same time. It seems like Shazia is jealous with Saman and she dnt want to see any happiness moved to Saman because Shazia feels pride to know that Faisal is not treating well with Saman and he is still in love with her. Saman told her husband that Nigar aunty is not well so she wants to go her home to see her and Faisal said her to go with driver. And on her home Saman met Hashir before we can see their conversation the episode ended.

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