“It is a Court Hearing or a Ramp Walk” of Model Ayyan Ali Recent Visit to Court

| June 5, 2015

Ayyan Ali is a super model and a TV actress. He is 21 years old and started her career in 2009 and also won the many awards of modeling. He was caught on the Islamabad airport in March for the money laundering case. She caught with $500000 which she was illegally smuggled to Dubai. She was arrested on the spot and the airport security was attest her and said that there was not told about the money.

Anyhow the court announced the remand and she was appeared in the different court hearing in which she really looks like a model and it is assumed that she was not come on a court hearing she just come for the ramp walk in tip top dressing.

In the first court hearing she was seen in a hood and cap and she conceal her into a hood while in the second court hearing she was seen in designer shalwar kameez suit and now in recently court hearing she was seen in high class tip top designer dress with stylish hairstyle and glamorous makeup.

She looks like she was not a criminal as she walks on the ramp. She was graduated hood to the western style dressing. While the public of Pakistan not liking this attitude of model Ayyan Ali.

Ayan Ali (1)

Ayan Ali (2)

Ayan Ali (3)

Ayan Ali (4)

Ayan Ali (5)

Ayan Ali (6)

Ayan Ali (7)

Ayan Ali (8)

Ayan Ali (9)

Ayan Ali (10)

Ayan Ali

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