Izteraab Drama On Hum Tv

| July 17, 2014

Izteraab is a neoteric on-air Pakistani drama serial by Hum Tv. The reason of esteem and adoration of this drama serial is its highly ionized cast Saba Qamar and Mikaal Zulfiqar. The storyline of this drama serial Izteraab revolves around a woman Zara and his husband Jazib. Zara is a working women and broad-minded who grasp and handled her duties both at office and her home commendably. But Jazib is really a conservative man with narrow thinking and is a bore person who is of egoistic nature. He is not only a discontented but also an egocentric husband. But anyhow inspite of their conflicted relation they spend their life together for their two adorable kids Sophia and Tabrez. And then abruptly Jazib’s khala came who is separated from his husband due to his second marriage. Khala came with his daughter Dua.

Dua is a typical offense girl who is of calm and courteous nature having great skills of making parathas and other amazing dishes which deeply impressed Jazib and he start expecting his wife to be like Dua. But on other side it was a clingy situation that Dua is too much interrupted in their lifestyle. This is the reason which causes conflictions and disconnection between husband and wife. But Zara could, not accept the reality and get separated with Jazib but any how he got married with Dua. But unexpectedly there is a phase of affliction when everybody comes to know that Zara is suffering from cancer. And then Jazib with ampliation of Dua bring Zara back to their home.

And here Sofia’s character becomes even bolder in latest episode I mean it’s difficult to understand that only 12 years passed girl is involved in questionable flick but any how Dua is trying her best to dissuade Sofia but it seems like all invain. And here Jazib is becoming quite amiable with Zara as he invites her for dinner in the same restaurant where he proposed her, to remind some beautiful passed memories. After dinner, Jazib came to know about all acts of Sofia where Zara still blames Dua for all this. It is a well known fact that Dua has not yet attain respect in views of Zara but after visualizing next episode’s promo, I felt that Zara eventually surrender her feelings by admitting her fears.

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