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| October 30, 2014

Urdu One Drama Jackson Heights Story

Jackson Heights is a new drama serial which is aired on Urdu one at 09:00 pm on every Friday. The Story of this serial revolved around the overseas Pakistanis. These Pakistanis are living in Jackson Heights of New York City. The drama is directed by Mahreen Jabbar. It is written by Vasay Chaudhry & produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Nasib. The cast is consists on very talented & well-known Pakistani celebrities such as Marina Khan, Adeel Hussain, Aamina Sheikh, Noman Ejaz, Taimur Syed, Ali Kazmi,Ahmad Razvi, Adnan Jaffar, Naghma Begam, Monsoon Bissell,  Neelofar Abbasi & lots of others. The background of each character is shown clearly. The drama opens with bunch of people & then slowly slowly reveals the story of each character.

The story revolves around those Pakistani people who leave their homes only because to earn money from abroad they think that money grow on trees in abroad but in actual the fact is very diverse. First off all we saw Imran Bhatti (played by Noman Ejaz) as a Pakistani driver in New York. He left Pakistan almost 15 years ago.  He is the main role in drama which connects various characters with each other. His nephew Jamshed (played by Adeel Husain), who lives in Pakistan, also wants to come America. Imran is popular person in Jackson Heights. He has close relations with Pakistanis. Once when he saw a lady walking on the road late at night (beauty parlor worker Salma played by Aamina Sheikh) he said her that “tum aik na-samjh kmzor aurat ho or me zardsti tmhari hifazt karo ga”. Imran Bhatti has a gorii wife Kathy who has two kids from the previous husband. Imran Bhatti thinks that he is a “Mazloom type Shoher” because his wife never give respect & dues to him. But in actual he is not fulfilling his duties like taking care of kids & bringing kids from school instead of it he is engage in Stalking, chatting and regaling girls. Jamshed is blind in his wish to go abroad.

Another amazing character is of a banker Rizwan (played by Adnan Jaffar). He is playing a very decent Indian Muslim Person. He is the friend of Michele (played by Marina Khan). She is the owner of a popular Pakistani hangout Jackson Diner (a food hotel). Rizwan belongs from Bombay. He is basically an urbane man. He is a person who changes his friends very immediately but Michele is one who is his long lasting friend. Rizwan urges Michele to attend a party but she refuses & he respects her choice. Michele has a past & she can never forget her bad experiences.

Salma (Aamina Sheikh) is a hardworking woman who works in a beauty parlor. She has a mysterious woman. In the starting episode when she talks with her friend Aliya & shows her thinking about she not wants her family to know her whereabouts (where she lives). There is someone who leaves her along to work & pay rent.

Aliya owner of parlor wants to promote her parlor & that’s why she thinks to use Imran Bhatti (Noman Ejaz) for expanding her business of parlor. Salma hesitates at start but after some time she agreed. Imran Bhatti thinks that he should help the parlor because it is in-need.

Jamshed still wants to go America. Sometimes he becomes harsh & sometime full of hope. But when he had decided that going American is not meaningful for him then at the same time he got the news of going America. Finally Jamshed is going to America. His grandmother is very sad because he misses her son Imran Bhatti so much. She can only bind Jamshed into a promise of return.

We further know about the characters Michelle & Rizwan that Michele is a divorced woman while Rizwan is also a heart broken man. Michele wants to stay away from making any new relation because of such bad experience of married life while Rizwan is waiting like an obedient person. What happened? Tanya a friend of Michele talked her straightforwardly about the Rizwan but Michele told her that we are only friends (Rizwan is only her friend). We further feel that Michele is a straightforward woman but whenever Rizwan shows his feeling for her, she just ignore him instead of it she should to give him a clear answer but she never.

Imran is totally dependent on her wife Kathy for immigration. Salma is straightforward with Imran Bhatti. Salma never likes talks about domestic violence & avoid this topic it means that she may be facing the same situation in her personal life. Imran Bhatti is bound to live with Kathy because into his immigration her testimony counts more. He share his wife’s “Mazzalims on him” with Salma. Each one is seems like struggling very hard.

In further episodes we find the Salma is a married woman & has teenage daughter. Jamshed finally reached America. Bitter realties of abroad life are waiting for him. His Mamo Imran Bhatti never welcomed him as Jamshed is thinking. Jamshed is living in a bubble which will burst soon. In this serial we are observing how people sacrifices for providing comfort & luxuries to their family members. Jamshed now knows the reality of his Mamo that he is not the owner of a big company he is actually a driver & drives a cab. Jamshed also knows about the behavior of Kathy with Mamo.

Michelle as a strict overage lady is playing a good role. Rizwan finally decided to propose the Michele but Michele stay quiet. What going on in Michele’s mind. Although she clearly told her friend Tanya that Rizwan is just like her friend but when Rizwan proposed her then she keep Quiet. Why?

Jamshed is struggling very hard for living in America. He lives in a store room & washed his clothes with his own hands. Now the realities of American life are opening on him. He can never share his feeling about this life with his family living in Pakistan. Asma (her girl friend) is very much worried about Jamshed & wants some pledge.

We know more about Salma that she live with her Taai. Taai is a rooted woman & suggest Salma that she should bring up her daughter Imaan like Pakistani women. Imran Bhatti take care the daughter of Salma. Imran Bhatti wife Kathy is like a dictator. The story is moving ahead with some twists & truns plus some backgrounds as well as some new developments. Let see what will happen with the life of each character. Waiting for the next episode!

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