Jackson Heights Review of Episode 10

| November 22, 2014

Story of Jackson Heights Episode 10

The most interesting things that occur in this episode are the increasing interaction between Michelle & Jamshed. Secondly, Salma is going to meet with Bhatti Imran on his birthday.  Let’s have a brief review of this episode.

Jamshed is increasing his interactions will Michelle as well as with all people who are living in his surroundings. He is working well in the restaurant. Jamshed is thinking for a long stay in New York (but we know he come American on Visit Visa). He is impressing Michelle with his brilliant talks.

Michelle is also very much overwhelmed from his abrupt replies. During walking on a footpath (when Jamshed asked from Michelle about an address), Jamshed express that “she is not much strict from inside as she shows”. Although Rizwan is living far from Michelle yet he cares for her & that’s why he sends her a top. Michelle like this expensive top but said her the color is very bright.

On the other hand Imaan buy a birthday card from the store then Salma asked from her that “kis ki birthday hy” then she replied “Bhatti Uncle Ki”. Salma surprised & said her yes we should wish him with a gift. She calls to Bhatti & ask him “if you are free then we will meet at 4 o clock next day so that you can give me a birthday treat”.

Salma told him that “Imaan told me about your birthday & her daughter also buys a birthday card & gift for him”. Imaan cannot attend the party due to busy schedule that’s why Salma will take this card & gift to Bhatti Imran. I am waiting very heartedly for this meeting of Salma & Bhatti.

I cannot understand why Salma is living with such materialistic in-laws, when she is independent & can afford her expenses as well then why don’t she thinks to get rid from this family? Once again in this episode w saw that Salma’s husband Sikandaar is showing a dictator like behavior towards his wife & daughter.

May be he is engage in domestic violence that’s why Salma is afraid from him. He once again talks about “Imaan to aik Islamic School me bejh diya jaye”. But Salma is never agree on it. The reference of Islamic school again & again in a negative way is annoying me. I think the writer of drama should avoid it because it conveys a very negatives impression of such institutes on people.

Bhatti is becoming closer with his step-son. His son baked a cake for Bhatti & both son & father cut the cake. This makes Bhatti happy. In short words w can say this episode gives us a deep & peep glimpse of some characters. Looking forward! Keep supporting till the next episode’s review.

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