Jackson Heights Review of Episode 11

| November 29, 2014

Jackson Heights Story of Episode 11:

Finally the story is moving ahead. In this episode I watch those scenes that I actually want to see. May be the viewers also want to see these scenes. Let’s me first tell you about Sikandaar & Salma. Sikandaar finally finds out that Salma deceives him by sending her daughter to Dance classes against his will. That’s why he beats Salma.

Salma is not going to parlor due to this situation. But in the next morning, he immediately says sorry to Salma. He falls into her feet & except his mistake. He also prepares breakfast for Salma. In the further scenes, we saw that Sikandaar is really a very clever & wise person. He say sorry to Salma only because he wants to get 3 or 4 thousand dollars from her & he successes in his aim.

I don’t know why Salma is living with such a bad person. She has spend almost 12 years with Sikandaar still she is hoping may be he will become a good person. She is independent & can afford her expenditures then why she is living with such a materialistic family. May be only because of Imaan?

On the other hand, Aliya & Imran Bhatti both are worried due to the continuous absence of Salma from the Parlor. Imran Bhatti came into parlor & asks about Salma but Aliya replied that Salma never comes from the day of your birthday & Bhatti replied that she never came on his birthday. He waits for Salma for a long time but she never came. He further told that he is waiting for Salma with two balloons. (Imagine it’s really very funny). Bhatti  gives this message to Aliya & went away.

Aliya calls at Salma’s home but Salma’s mother-in-law receives the call. Aliya said her that she wants to talk from Salma but Salma’s mother-in-law refused from doing so. Then Aliya comes to Salma’s home. Once again Salma’s mother-in-law “Tai jee” never opened the door but when Salma asks from Tie Jee who is on the door then she said Aliya.

Salma finally opens the doors & takes her into her room. Salma told each & everything to Aliya. Aliya reacts angrily on this entire situation. Aliya said to Salma that “you should report in police” but Salma is still defending her husband. Aliya also told her about clients & Imran Bhatti & his wait for Salma on Birthday.

Imran Bhatti is very much upset from the absence of Salma. He is thinking why she never comes on his birthday. At the same tone the wife of Imran Bhatti offers him “let’s go outside for celebrating your birthday” but Bhatti refused by saying that “my birthday has passed on”. Kathy is thinking that Bhatti is upset because she never wish him on his birthday. She insists once again & offers Bhatti “let spend some time with each other” but Bhatti refused. This makes Kathy annoyed.

Jamshed is trying his best in order to win the heart of Michelle. It’s my personal opinion about Jamshed. Jamshed’s dialogues are abrupt & prompt. The way he talks with Michelle as well as with other persons actually shows that he is an immature person but actually he is mature. The credit goes totally to Jamshed for bringing such a great & positive change into the rigid personality of Michelle only in a very short period of time while Rizwan is struggling hard from lots of years but he fails. Michelle invited Jamshed at home because she bought some furniture for the second floor & wants to set it.

That’s why she got help from Jamshed. She also offers him a coffee at her home. It all shows how positive & polite behavior she is showing towards Jamshed. I am thinking that Jamshed is going to propose Michelle soon so that he can live in America. It’s a guess may be its right or wrong. Overall, it was a god episode. This is a review of 11th episode of Jackson Heights from my side. What’s yours?

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