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| December 13, 2014

Jackson Heights 13th Episode

This episode pushes the story ahead with shorter but meaningful scenes. Each character is unfolding the story very brilliantly. I saw that Imran Bhatti is feeling very ashamed when Kathy insult him again & again even before kids. Kathy is always very rude with him & misbehaves with Imran lot of times. Kathy’s daughter also disrespects Imran Bhatti because she learns this lesson from her mother. Finally, Imran Bhatti takes a stand. He shows some courage & bravery before Kathy.

I don’t know why Salma show such foolishness & thoughtlessness before her husband Sikaandar & mother-in-law Tai Jee. She has spent almost one decade with such materialistic & greedy people who always exploit Salma but still she is thinking that “Sikaandar change ho gaya hy” because he is preparing food for Salma & he is dropping Imaan to school. I am now totally sick from such unintelligence of Salma.

Why did not she is trying to understand that Tai Jee & Sikaandar are making her foolish by grabbing lots of dollars from her. Now once again Sikaandar has grabbed $ 25,000 from Salma. They are also making a plan of grabbing gold jewelry from Salma that Salma has saved for Imaan’s future. Let see what will happen with Salma? Whether she will understand the fact or not?

What about Michelle & Jamshed? Yes finally, Jamshed is becoming mush smarter than our expectations. He finally successes in order to trap Michelle (it’s my personal thinking that Jamshed is trying to trap Michelle with his love so that he can get a permanent reason for staying in America but maybe I am wrong he is truly in love with her let see what’s right & what’s wrong).

Jamshed finally confess before Michelle that he is in love with her & he is not feeling any kind of ashamed on this act. Michelle is confused (what decision she should take). She calls to Rizwan so that she can consult from him. On the other hand Rizwan advise her “you should listen the voice of your heart”.

I think by giving such a piece of advice he is stabbing himself because he also loves Michelle & proposed her in the past but Michelle refused his proposal. By giving such a nice suggestion Rizwan seemed quite sincere towards Michelle. I think Michelle is becoming quite tired from her bore life. She is feeling an attraction towards Jamshed may be due to its jolly & straightforwardness nature. Let see what decision will taken by her? This is a review of this episode from my side. Now what’s yours?

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