Jackson Heights Review of Episode 20

| January 31, 2015

Episode 20 of Jackson Heights

No doubt that the 20th episode of the Jackson Heights is really very interesting & full of with lot of new developments & twists. The scenes are shorter & to the point.

First of let me talk about Jamshed & Michelle. Jamshed is acting upon his plan to trap Michelle totally. Jamshed has lots of fears from Rizwan that’s why he is continuously misbehaving with Rizwan. All this makes Rizwan to take a decision of back-out from the life of Michelle.  Michelle totally believes on Jamshed but Rizwan never believes on this Pakistani guy. I am sure that even Rizwan back-out from Michelle life but he will never sit quiet. Rizwan will surely try to expose the real face of Jamshed before Michelle soon.

Finally, when Salma goes to meet with Imran Bhatti (with the permission of Sikaandar because in actual all that Sikaandar said to Salma was nil than a lie) then Sikaandar follows her so that he can identify to Imran Bhatti. When Sikaandar spotted Imran then he tries to kill him but at the same time the enemies of Sikaandar fire on Sikaandar. I think Sikaandar planned a murder for Imran Bhatti without knowing that the same thing is planned for him by those people with them he lose money in gambling.

Now, Sikaandar is seriously injured & is admitted in hospital. Furthermore, Salma come to know that Sikaandar tells a lie with her about medical insurance because he has no medical insurance. I think now Salma never shows any kind of sympathy for Sikaandar, Tai Jee & Kashif because they all are trying to create some more drama but Salma now it’s your turn. Now, Salma has to take a final decision about her life. Salma should not think about these materialistic & heart-less people. Salma has already ruined your 10 to 12 years of life with them but now it’s enough.

Imaan is a teenage girl who lives in America. She is quite bold & sensible. I think she is very well familiar from the concept of boy friend & girl friend but when it come to her mother Salma & Imran Bhatti relationship then she is questioning from her mother just like as “Is Imran Bhatti your boyfriend or not?”. I cannot understand why she cannot understand what’s going on between her mother& Imran Bhatti.

Finally, the truth about the married of Bhatti & Kathy comes out from the box. We come to know that this marriage is nothing than a deal. Imran Bhatti wants to get the citizenship of the America that’s why he marries with Kathy & on the other hand Kathy received money from Bhatti on this deal. I think if the writer reveals this fact into the initial episodes then we can understand the indifferent behavior of Kathy towards Imran Bhatti without any kind of ambiguity.

Now when Kathy comes to know about the Girlfriend of Bhatti then she is trying to show here love towards Imran Bhatti & try to give him some respect. Kathy & Imran’s characters very clearly shows about those Pakistani guys who marry with American nationality holders so that they can also get the American citizenship. This is all about the 20th Episode of Jackson Heights.

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