Jackson Heights Review of Episode 23

| February 23, 2015

Episode 23rd of Jackson Heights

Let’s Start from Michelle, Jamshed & Rizwan. Michele is in great depression after talking with her sister because she is feeling quite embarrassed on not inviting her sister on her wedding. Now her sister want that Michelle should postpone her wedding so that she can participate in her wedding. Jamshed cannot afford to postpone this wedding because he wanted to get American citizenship as soon as possible because currently he is living in American on visit visa that is near to expire.  Rizwan is trying his best on order to expose his plans before Michelle. So, I must say to Rizwan “common on Rizwan because you can do it. It’s your duty to protect your best friend from Jamshed & his bad intentions”.

Jamshed’s friend Nadir calls to Jamshed & told about the bad condition of his grandmother but Jamshed seems quite indifferent & selfish. Jamshed said to Nadir that “I cannot come back because my wedding is near”. That’s the point where I feel very bad for the “Naani” because she is the same lady who brought-up Jamshed, who take care Jamshed when he was a child & now when she needs him then Jamshed is becoming totally indifferent from her. Jamshed is looking very self-centered in this all scenario.

Imran Bhatti’s mother (Naani I mean grand-mother of Jamshed) is not well that’s why he is also very upset & shows his sadness before Salam. Salma feels a soft-corner for Imran in her heart. Salma is also very upset from this situation. Imran Bhatti decided to go back Pakistan. He has bought tickets for himself as well as for Salma. Bhatti want to take Salma with himself. Salma also want to go.

But when Salma shows her intensions to marry with Imran Bhatti in front of Imaan then Imaan try to blackmail Salma emotionally by saying that “now my father Sikaandar has totally changed” Imaan further said that out happy family picture is now going to become complete then why you are thinking to left us”. Let see whether this emotional Discussion will surely play a vital role in order to change the decision of Salma to marry with Imran Bhatti or not? Yes it’s true that Sikaandar is now a totally changed person. The way he talks with Kash shows that he can differentiate among the people who are sincere with him (like Salma & Imaan) & who are not sincere with him like Kash.

The preview of the next episode is also quite interesting. So, don’t forget to read the review of the next episode because maybe the next one will be last one.

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