Jackson Heights Review of Episode 24

| February 28, 2015

Jackson Heights-Episode 24

It looks as both Writer & director never want to end this drama because when it seemed as things are going to wrap up & resolve soon then at the same time new twists mold the story & lead towards complexity. No developments occur in this 24th Episode because once again you will read the review about the same characters with same problems. When this drama started then I think maybe it’s a drama with a new theme that highlights the issues of people who live in abroad but “khoda pahar or nikla choha”. Like seriously, as we thought it would be but it’s not. I don’t know what’s happening with the story. It is becoming so boring & flat as it is reaching towards its conclusion (hopes so).  The plot of the drama is mediocre.

This episode is again a repetitive episode in which Imran Bhatti is worried due to the bad health of his mother while Jamshed is still trying his best in order to trap Michelle & Rizwan is trying to his best in order to expose Jamshed. Salma is still behaving like an angel & I think she never want to go from the hell home of her Tai Jee & Sikaandar.

If we talk about Jamshed, Michelle & Rizwan then it right to say that Michelle is still behaving a like a kid who has “0” percent IQ Level. She is cooking food for the boy Jamshed & behaving ridiculously. She is mature & almost near her 40’s then why she is behaving like this by falling in love with Jamshed? She listen the discussion of Rizwan & Jamshed in which Rizwan reveals that “yes I still love Michelle & I can do anything for her”. Michelle comes there & Jamshed use the confession of Rizwan in a different way before Michelle. Jamshed said to Michelle that “Rizwan is trying to make you against me so that he can get you back”.

Michelle is so surprised & said to Rizwan “how you can do this to me”. I think Michelle the same line is just perfect for you for example how you can do this with Rizwan? He is your best & old friend who helps in your bad financial condition then how you can distrust Rizwan like this due to Jamshed who is an unknown guy & came into your life only some months before. It’s really very senseless for me. Furthermore, Jamshed calls to police & report against Rizwan & Michelle never speaks a single word about this action. I think she is not only blind & deaf but also dumb.

Imran Bhatti is still weeping due to the bad health of his mother & wants to go Pakistan as soon as possible. He wants to take Salma with him. Salma also want to go with Imran Bhatti because both love to each other. But when Imaan comes to know that her mother Salma is going to Imran Bhatti then once again she emotionally blackmail to her step mother-Salma. So, Salma said to Imaan “stop crying because I love you so much & I am not going to Pakistan”. Yes it’s true that Salma loves Imaan a lot but why she takes the decision to step at the Home of Sikaandar only because of Imaan? She can also take Imaan with herself to Pakistan. Once again Salma is becoming a “qurbani ka Baqra”. Currently, Salma has changed her decision to go Pakistan. Let see what happened in the next episode! Hopefully this drama will end soooon! Share your thoughts about this episode.

Jackson Heights Episode 24 (1)

Jackson Heights Episode 24

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