Jackson Heights Review of Episode 26

| March 16, 2015

Jackson Heights-Episode 26

I must this drama is one of the most boring dramas because director & writer are dragging this drama ahead & ahead. This has now become an intently painful drama. Every week I guess this may be last episode but unfortunately it’s not. Overall, if we compare the 26th Episode from the previous episode then we can say that this episode was much better because there are lots of developments in it. The story is wrapping up now. Each character is reaching towards its climax. Let’s have a review of the 26th episode of Jackson heights.

In this episode, finally, Rizwan succeed in order to expose Jamshed before Michelle. Yes Rizwan surely act upon my advice which I gave him into the previous episode review. Yes, he use double money & buy the immigration officer & this officer revealed each & everything about Jamshed. Michelle is now very upset & dishearten from this situation. One thing that is most strange for me as well as for the viewers is that when Michelle was talking with Jamshed after knowing his real face then she talks about the audio messages that Jamshed’s family left for him that his grandmother has passed away.

She talks with Jamshed about his Grandmother & tells him about the messages that she listens. At this time she also seemed quite selfish because if she received the messages then I think she should discuss this great news with Jamshed but she shows selfishness & never discuss this news with Jamshed. The great thing for us is that finally Rizwan successes in order to save Michelle from Jamshed. Jamshed is once again on the road because Michelle said to him “get out from my home now”.

Naani’s death is really a very emotional & heart touching incident into this episode. Imran Bhatti comes Pakistan only because of his mother’s happiness. He wants to see her happy but now after the death of his mother Imran Bhatti seemed quite purposeless. Bhatti’s character is suffering more in this drama because he faces lots of trouble into US only because of her family’ happiness but when he was near to get a green card then his mother’s illness  forces him to take a decision to go back Pakistan & he fails in order to get a green card. He also loses Salma.

Bhatti’s friend finally told Salma that “It was only Bhatti who protect Sikaandar from the Gang by paying a specific amount of money with his own pocket”. This is really very great & shocking news for Salma because she was thinking that Bhatti solved this matter only by talking with the Gang but in actual he pays money.

Imran Bhatti, finally, knows the real faces of his greedy brother & his wife. He knows very clearly that his family never ever try to make his mother happy & when Imran Bhatti talk about the pain color of his mother’s room then he seemed quote emotional & when visit the graveyard of her mother then also seems quite disturbed.

Sikaandar & Imaan both are trying to plan a surprise party for Salma but Salma is not happy on this party. She is now seemed quite emotionless because Bhatti is now out from her life. I like the meeting scene of Kathy & Salma. Kathy calls to Salma & said to her that “I want to meet you”. Salma reached on the place where Kathy was waiting for her. Kathy very clearly told her about her meaningless & purposeless relationship with Imran. She also tries to say that Imran truly loves you. This discussion urges Salma to think once again about her & Bhatti’s relationship. So, Salma finally, take a decision to talk with Imran Bhatti & so that she can console him by talking about his mother’s death. This is the review of the 26th episode of the Jackson Heights. Let see whether the next episode will be the last or not?

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