Jackson Heights Review of Episode 27-Last Episode

| March 23, 2015

Jackson Heights Last Episode Review

Jackson Heights drama with an unconventional theme is just brilliant concept. But I think the writer drag this drama a little. But it’s ok because finally it’s wrapped up now. If I summarize the last episode then it is right to say that this drama ends very nicely. I like the reunion of Salma & Bhatti which is only because of the efforts of Imaan. Yes finally, Imaan thinks rationally & talks with Sikaandar that Salma is not living a happy life with us so we should think about her happiness. Finally, the love story of Salma & Bhatti wrapped up very well.

In this whole drama I like the character of Bhatti (sometimes I felt that the drama & its storey is moving only around the character of Imran Bhatti because each character is related with him whether directly or indirectly) because his character was very obvious & clear from the first episode to last episode. His character shows a very gentle, soft hearted & generous human being. He was seemed quite unhappy when he was living in New York due to cold behavior of Kathy, when he returned back Pakistan then he feels quite disappointment to the greedy behavior of his brother & Bhabhi. Finally, he gave each & everything to his brother into the last episode. He loves his mother a lots. Imran Bhatti’s mother & Jamshed Naani’s character was also seemed like a fresh breath of air into this drama but sadly she died soon.

After doing all this, finally, Jamshed realize his mistakes & what he did with Michelle. He also become very well aware the fact that living in America is not as easy as he was thinking.  Michelle character still seemed quite ambiguous even after the drama has finished because she forgive Jamshed & once again hire him as her employee into her restaurant. She is going back London (at her sister’s home). I cannot understand the role of Rizwan because he is still bachelor & Michelle never shows any kind of intensions to marry with him. His character was just a sincere friend of Michelle.

Overall, we can say that it was a nice ending of Jackson Heights. It seems as the drama was divided into two main stories. First one is the story of Kathy, Imran Bhatti, Salma & Sikaandar. Second is the Story of Rizwan, Jamshed & Michelle. I think the idea of Jackson heights drama is really very good but it can be made more inspiring & outstanding.  The Director Mehreen Jabbar was goof into direction but some flaws exists into the script so next time the writer should try to write a story with more precision & I think that if the writer’s mind was clear about each character of the story then he/she can write a well script. Best of luck for next time!

Well! I must appreciate the acting skills of each & every character of this drama. Now you can share your thoughts about this last episode!

Jackson Heights last episode

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