Jackson Heights Review of Episode 7

| November 5, 2014

Story of Jackson Heights Episode 7

It is an Urdu-one Drama serial which is aired on Every Friday at 09:00 pm. In this episode we have lots of coils scenes. All scenes are short but impressive. Each character is going into its depth with the passage of time.

In this episode finally Jamshed knows the fact that his Mamo Imran Bhatti is not living a happy life. Kathy (the wife of his mamo) said to Jamshed leave this home now because according to her Jamshed is not a good guy (because she saw him with her daughter). So, Jamshed take his luggage & go away. He said his Mamo (Imran Bhatti) that he is going on a friend’s home. But in actual he spends whole night on a road. On the other hand, late at night when his Mamo call to Jamshed’s friend, then his friend told his Mamo that he is not here. Now Imran Bhatti is very much worried.

When it comes to Michele, then the relationship between Rizwan & Michele is really very unpredictable. On a question from Michele Rizwan told that he canceled the conference of Chicago because he was very much tensed due to rejection. First Rizwan proposed her when she refused then he give her some excuses that his family were insisting him to marry as soon as it is possible so he thinks that Michele can become his best life partner that’s why I proposed you. But I never want to lose my best friend so forget it & let’s become good friends once again.

We also saw the interaction between Michele & Jamshed when in the early morning Jamshed is sitting in the restaurant without giving order of food & when Michele is talking with Rizwan on Phone. Rizwan told her that he is going to Chicago but she reacts very coldly. After her talk with Rizwan, she goes to Jamshed & points out that this restaurant is for eating food not for sitting idle. We also saw that how Jamshed helps Michele (when she was taking a box from one place to another).

Imran Bhatti found her Nephew on the road & asked from Jamshed how & where he spends his night. Jamshed said that he had managed his own. After some hesitation Jamshed revealed that he has no money that’s why he sleeps on a bench on road. In the same time, Imran Bhatti saw a note on a shop.

On this note it is written that “room for rent”. This room is situated into the Michele restaurant. At first Michele refused from giving this room on rent to a ”Desi”. But on the assurance of Imran Bhatti (Imran said that his nephew is very innocent, he never smoke or drink) she agreed with advance payment of two months.

What about Salma? Yes in this episode we saw her interaction & friendship behviour towards Imran Bhatti when she offered him a treat (because one of her client gives her a good tip). We also saw her passion for earning money because she wants to clear all dues about medical insurance, home & her daughter’s educational fees.

In a scene when Salma’s Tai is talking bitterly & beating Salma’s daughter, then Salma take a stand & protect her daughter. Then her conversation with Tia revealed that Imaan is not her Bio-daughter. Salma is a step-mother of Imaan. Salma’s friend Aliya also told her about a weird call. Now let see who is he who calls & asks how many dollars Salma earn from Aliya? Wait for the next episode.

We also saw that Jamshed’s girlfriend is very much worried. One of Jamshed’s friend assure her that Jamshed is still in love with her & struggling in America. But Jamshed’s girlfriend feels that Jamshed’s friend is telling a lie. She knows that now Jamshed is forgetting her.

When Jamshed call to his friend & asks about his “Nani” but never asked about his girlfriend then Jamshed’s friend said that “tum America ja kr badal gaye ho” & drop the call. Jamshed was very much confused about why his friend is behaving like this.

Unfold stories which lay behind each character are opening but slowly slowly.  Jamshed’s, Imran Bhatti, Salma & Michele characters are actually showing the hurdles of those people who are living in abroad & struggling hard may be for their families or maybe they need to struggle hard to live.

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