Jackson Heights Review of Episode 8

| November 8, 2014

Review of Episode 8 of Jackson Heights

This episode has also lots of scenes which actually unfold the story very brilliantly. This episode is very interesting & makes me feel that the story is unwinding very nicely. Let’s have a look at this episode!

Let start with Imran Bhatti (main character); we saw his increasing interactions with Salma. He comes into her parlor (when she is alone because Aliya is out from parlor because of some work) & gives her a gift. At first Salma refused form taking this gift but when Imran Bhatti insist then she takes it.

After taking gift she offered him a coffee so that she can thank him for this gift. Both go for coffee. In this way both spends some with each other. I feel that unconsciously both are enjoying the company of each other. Bhatti makes Salma happy due to its jolly nature but now Salma feel that he is not so much happy from inside.

Bhatti also praise the smile of Salma & said her “smile forever because you looks cute when you smile”. He is very honest with her. Both now become friends of each others. Let see where the friendship will take this couple?  When the both will share their difficult life with each other? Wait!

Another most interesting twist comes in this story with the entrance of “Sikaandar” (played by Ali Kazmi). Yes Sikaandar is actually the husband of Salma. While the person who calls in the parlor & asked about Salma is actually the cousin of Sikaandar whose name is Kashif.

Kashif always keep an eye on Salma’s activities. Furthermore, we come to know that Sikaandar comes out from jail almost after 1 year & some months. Basically he was punished for two years but because of good conduct the police department leaves him before two years.

That’s why Salma was very surprised when she saw him into her home. We also feel that he is a dictatorial & authoritarian type of husband. When he comes to know that his daughter Imaan is attending dancing classes then he ordered his wife Salma that now his daughter will never take these classes.

When Salma try to explain bout the interest & good performance of Imaan in dancing classes then he stops her by saying “no more discussion on this topic you only do what I order you”. We also feel his daughter Imaan is very much afraid from him (Sikaandar her father).

In her discussion with Aliya, Salma said that may be Sikaandar has changed because he is behaving very calmly. Aliya’s discussion reveals that “Imaan was only three years old when you (Salma) come into her life & from that time you are taking of Imaan like a mother”.

No more scenes of Michele & Rizwan expect that Rizwan calls her regularly & asked her about her health, outing & working. Rizwan calls are showing his love & caring behavior towards Michele.

What about Jamshed? Yes finally he came to know How much difficult is to live in America. Jamshed once again try his best in order to find a job. He goes to one of his relative or friend for getting a job. He reached their but his relative or friend tells him that he has to go in a meeting now so wait. Jamshed waits for about five hours.

When his relative or friend came, then he once again asked him for a job but his relative or friend shows a non-interesting behavior. He offers some money to Jamshed finally Jamshed burst & fights with him because his friend or relative tell a lie with Jamshed by saying that “he has his own stores in America”. The fighting scenes were really very interesting. Furthermore, due to the non-serious behavior of Jamshed, his friend Nadir finally decided to marry with Asma (the girlfriend of Jamshed).

Asma is really very cute & decent girl she deservers such a nice person as Nadir. When Jamshed calls to his friend Nadir, then finally nadir told him about his decision of marrying with Asma. Now finally, jobless Jamshed comes to know the bitter realities of life. Let’s wait & see where the story will take us!

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