Janam jali Drama Episode 11 Review

| July 11, 2014

Janam jali is a typical family politician based drama serial written by Edison and Directed by Faheem Burney. There is nothing special as it is a formula story which may mostly becomes the sack of interest and fascination by viewers. The story of this play is gyrate around Bayjee who is the head of family and a harsh person full of rudeness in her stance. She thought as she has a right to command and dictate others specially her two daughters in law by mistreating them as she always mistreated and victimize by her own mother in law.

Bayjee is a typical lady full of superstitions having old views. Bayjee,s have two sons which are really obedient and humble to their mother. But she is unsatisfied with Saima, the wife of her younger son Asad who has only bearing two daughters and so it’s a reason for Bayjee to hate her and taunt her in every aspect. Although her elder son has two beautiful sons and so she was contented with her elder daughter in law.

And so after many years Bayjee insisted Asad to marry her sister’s divorced daughter Shaista who she admires. But in spite of bothering Asad is not ready to marry again consecutive insistence and emotional black mailing of Bayjee compels Asad to marry Shaista along with the permission of his first wife Saima. Saima anyhow permit Asad to marry again for the sake of son.

But Shaista after marriage is not ready to accept Saima as her co wife. So she starts making evil schemes to kick out Saima from Asad’s house and life. So after some schemes and claptrap Shaista achieved her goal by kicking her out. So Saima moved too her sister’s house as she has no other option. And for surviving with her children Saima continues her job in her old friend’s school but she found her brother in law gloater.

Here releasing 11th episode in which Saima’s brother in law start behaving bluntly and disrespectly with her so she unwillingly left the house with her children and calls her friend Daniyal who bring her in one of his flats. And here Asad saw his wife Saima and children in restaurant with Danyal and he was quite annoying to see his wife with other person and reached to Saima’s flat for asking justification where he saw Danyal again and he was misunderstood about Daniyal’s and Saima relation. And to talk about Shaista her ex- husband start calling her to diturb her married life.


asad picture in janam jali

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