Janam Jali Hum Tv Drama Episode 12 Review

| July 11, 2014

Here we have another fetching story in the new 12th episode of drama serial Janam Jali. The episode initiates with the grief and affliction of Asad to see his wife with other man and he becomes a complete victim of misconception. And so he decided to divorce her wife Saima as she deceived him but Shaista is still pretending to be a good and empathizing wife. As she already trapped her husband and mother in law just because of her acting skills of a good and honest person.

And here Saima is in a dreadful condition as she lost the remaining sympathies and trust of his husband just because of an unusual incident. And here Shaista is not ready to miss any chance to aggravate Bayjee about Saima and she revealed the whole incident to her. And here Asad shows peak apathy to Saima by impeach and snatching their kids from her without considering the intentions of his kids.

And here being an amiable and realistic girl Asad’s bhabhi tried her best to convince him but him become stubborn enough and not even ready to understand the situation in reality. And she also informed Saima about the fever of her daughter and asks her forget all and come back atleast for her children. And due to all this Shaista consecutively threatening bhabhi to keep away from all the matter otherwise she will have to pay for it. And yes ofcoarse Saima’s sister also trying her best to save Saima’s house but Bayjee is not ready to listen any word as it seems like her wishes comes true.

So when Saima unwillingly moved to Asad’s house just for the sake of her daughters Bayjee asked Shaista to throw her out of this house. But in all the matter the children are really mistreated and scattered which is not favorable for them…. And yes here’s some interesting and positive turning point are seen in next episode Promo where Bhabhi raised her voice in favor of Saima as she has strong position in house due to the support of his husband….


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