Kajol, Sridevi, Kareena, Alia, Karishma Celebrate 25 years of Manish Malhotra

| November 1, 2016

Manish Malhotra celebration of 25 years with the great actresses Kareena, karishma, alliya, kajol and siridevi
Designer Manish Malhotra has gain a good name in the  Bollywood industry  he is well known designer of the world he is very devoted person he want to create such things for the ladies that are very new and unique. He is working  for the  fashionable ladies  since 25 years  ago  and he has gained  1000 awards due to his collection of  dresses  .

too much followers on the instagram and the pages are liked  by  face book fans if we will spend a day with him then we know the   life of him which is full of glamour and glam. The costumes of the brides and the Bollywood ladies are very nice and attractive you can see the different dresses   which are designed by him .when I see the Bollywood fashionable ladies then   we feel how much beautiful dresses are designed by the Manish Malhotra in the Hindi movies.

Very colorful dresses fascinated the other people. He is very courageous for his success and wants to create new things in the style and the embroidery of the dresses .the  celebration of 25 years in the Bollywood industry  Manish Malhotra is celebrated  his success with the  beauty queens of Bollywood like karishma, siridevi , Kareena, alliya  and kajol are the models of the vogue magazines of this  year . The dresses which are carried by all these beautiful ladies

The gorgeous ladies are in beautiful color dresses which are mauve ,purple and the pastel pink color dresses are designed by him he has designed this dress on  his success of 25 years completing with the leading ladies .on the other hand his dresses selection has made him guru in the fashion industry of India  he  is thankful to the vogue India that his dresses selection  models are selected for the vogue  cover page  he has uploaded these photo on the instagram and the twitter and write the feedback that I have completed y 25 years of  my  career in the   fashion industry of Bollywood  and  10 years are with the vogue page.

you can see her post on instagram with the pictures of that  legend man  so join the Manish malhotra instagram page and  know about all the dresses of him because he want to introduce something different from the others so join us on the twitter and engage with us in the happiness  of us.

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