Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali khan are Blessed with Little Nawab

| December 22, 2016

Kareena kapoor and Saif ali khan, one of the most lovely and happy couple of Bollywood are now blessed with a precious gift from God. They are extremely very happy and not only they but the whole Kapoor and Khan family is overjoyed with the arrival of a new guest to their family. Kareena has given birth to a cute baby boy on Tuesday 20 December in Breach candy hospital.

The boy is named Taimur Ali khan pataudi. What could be the more special day in a married couple’s life than to have a baby. So that the case with Kareena and Saif Ali khan, both are extremely very happy and thankful to media for their support all the nine months and their fans as well for their wishes and payers, according to a message in twitter.

A small Nawab has opened his eyes in a well-known and popular family. He must be very adorable like Bebo and naughty like Saif ali khan. Hopefully the families of the couple would be overjoyed with the news of having a small prince in their lives.

Karishma kapoor has become maternal aunt so she must be feeling very excited. It is reported that families were there in the hospital at the time when Bebo has given birth to small child. This is also great news for fans of Bollywood. The couple is receiving wishes from all celebrities and fans. We also congratulate them and wish them to have a great time.

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