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| July 11, 2014

Laa…. It’s an Initial word of Kalma Shareef which means no (Nahi). No to every lie, no to caste and creed system, no to superstitions, no to mammonism, no to dissimulate and no to every sin. Laa is based on Islamic declaration and it’s really much more than a simple love story between Daniyal mailk and Sayeda Naina Razzi.

This conceptual and interesting story is written by Sarmad Sehbai. Daniyal is Malik by caste who is an animated and enthusiastic personality as he completed MBA and easily qualified for American University. Daniyal is visiting to house of his father,s friend with his family where he met their daughter Naina ….

And they started conversation which is really an engrossing phase to visualize because it seems appearing some chemistry or bonding between them. But anyhow there is not much attraction or fascination from the side of mikaal because he was consecutively egging by his stupid friends to trap a girl. As Naina;s parents are sayyad by caste so they are detecting a noble and sayyad proposal for their daughter. And then a stranger (Naimet khan) came who reveal all the fact and put Daniyal,s backgroung and his life into a unsettled question.

Danyal become anxious about his background as we all imagine that it must be an afflictive phase from which he is going through. He admits the authenticity that his adopted parents did much for him but ultimately he cannot rest till he found his roots.

His whole proud and confident is replaced by insecurity of his personality and lack of confidence. During all this Danyal met Laila which is really an amiable and charming personality for daniyal but her conversation with Dilawar reveals that she is not much amiable as she pretended. After continued struggle Naina agree to get marry to proposal elected by her parents.

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