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| March 16, 2015

Digest writer Episode 24-Last Episode

Finally, Digest Writer, drama comes to an end. I must say that its ending is truly justifiable. In last episode we saw that Fareeda takes a decision to live with Shaukat only for sake of happiness of her kids because she loves her kids’ a lot & never want to destroy the life of her kids by giving them a broken family. In the previous episode I told you that Fareeda demands Divorce from Shaukat so that she can marry with Sheheryar (her love) but in this episode she finally understands the fact that she loves her kids a lot & never make them unhappy that’s why she forgive Shaukat & changed her decision of divorce.

Yes, Fareeda’s character made it very clear that she is taking this decision only for the sake of happiness of her kids but I think Shaukat & his family is quite lucky because Shaukat get a life partner who is quite compromising & Shaukat’s family get a “Baho” who is not only “Kamaao” but also very caring & gentle. Fareeda always try to settle down disputes by compromising with the circumstances. She struggled hard for achieving such a strong financial position into the society on the basis of her God-Gifted talent. I cannot digest the fact that when Fareeda said that she is going away from their lives then Shaukat & his family decided to change themselves, because they are the people who can never ever changed themselves. Well! God knows what’s true & what wrong.

Anwar & Zareena, parents of Fareeda, also includes among those people who always stick on the traditional rules of this society. Due to the fear of people they are stopping themselves from thinking about the happiness of their daughter Fareeda. They opposed the decision of divorce of Fareeda. They are thinking that Fareeda should never demand divorce from Shaukat because this decision of Fareeda can create lot o trouble for them into this society but on the other hand Fareeda’s brother Farhan (a psychologist) support Fareeda’ decision. Finally, Fareeda decided not to take divorce from Shaukat. She once again compromised from her life.

I like the last scene of this drama. Yes, it was the scene of great day for Fareeda when she is award “Tamghae Husn-e-Kar-kerdgai” by the Government of Pakistan for writing such an outstanding scripts for the drama industry. I like the presence of Mazher Hayat who appears as a witness for Fareeda’s achievement.  The speech of Fareeda on this great day mostly emphasis on “lahsan, adrak, piyaz, pamper, salan etc” but this speech surly prove an answer for those who always try to create obstacles into the way of success of Fareeda like Mazher Hayat & Rida Anmol. Now they can see her on the heights of success. I like this scene a lot. As we know a person cannot achieve each & everything into this world so the same case is with Fareeda she achieve fame into the drama industry & becomes a successful writer but she never got an ideal husband which she also hoped for.

I would like to tank Madiha Shah for writing such a marvelous & social issue based script. No doubt Direct Ahmed Kamran did his job very well. Saba Qamar & Gohar Rasheed as Fareeda & Shaukat done their jobs very well as well as other actors & actresses such as Maheen Jaffri, Parveen Akbar, Agha Ali Aiman Khan, Mehmood Akhtar, Sajida Syed etc also done their jobs very well & entertained people with their brilliant & flawless acting skills. The little details that are paid towards the clothes & makeup of character after changing their financial condition are also very appreciable. No doubt, it’s a good journey with all these characters & watching digest writer on every Saturday’s night was really very extravagance for me.

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