Latest 12th Episode of Drama Serial “Mausam” Review

| August 11, 2014

The latest episode of this drama serial begins with the scene of Saman. But
the most disaapointing thing is that our hero is out of the sight and from
Shazia and Mehreen’s mind also. The story seems like boring and still
fwhen Ahsan khan moved out. There is no climax, twist and build up in the
latest episode of this drama serial. Our heroine Saman is nice but mostly he
doesn’t use her own mind, I mean there is no need to be extra sweet with the people who are against you. She is really a quite and tolerable girl. She is simple and being witted girl.

I mean to be smart and brainless are different things and in my views character of Saman resembles to both. And the most shocking is that when Saman moved to parlor and most amazing thing is that when Hashir,s mother met Saman on parlor as Saman reached to the same parlor where Hashi`r’s mother goes. Because Nigar is very sensitive about the quality and she satisfied by spending much money.

And here Shazia was greatly insulted by Mehreen and Hashir’s mother but i must say that the girl is fully bisti proof. But I am sure that Shazia is not good in character and as a person and it is clear that she is upto something with Faisal behind Saman because girls like Shazia likes to wrapped around their little finger.

She refused to marry Faisal but she also can’t let him go. I hope she sill pay for her sins soon. And here Shazia moved to Saman’s house and taunt her about where Saman prevent her from doing so and she told Faisal, so he asked her wife to apologize Shazia. And faisal,s mother informed about whole matter to Fazeelat and so there increased the conflictions between Rabia and Fazeelat.

12th episode of drama serial Mausam

fazeelat mami

mausam drama episode 12

Mausam drama latest episode

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