List of Pakistani Famous Male Actors without Makeup

| May 26, 2016

Sober personality, Manly features, tan skin tone and fuller masculine beauty these are all qualities required in men beauty but the gloss and shine of showbiz has totally changed the phenomena and looking at the male actors we find them as competitive as the female actresses are in using makeover. In fact there are such examples of actors who use more makeup than their co actress I mean heroine. But in reality the case is different as they are same like a normal human being, I find chance to make you show some famous and outclass Pakistani male actors who are without makeup and giving stunned impressions because we the mango people are used to see them in highly sophisticate appearance that is the charisma of makeup products. However the makeover is their crucial need demanded by the profession but being balanced using makeover is sane enough so that we can accept heartily even without makeup. Most of these celebrities use foundation, mascara, lip gloss, blusher and sometime eye liner too.
The purpose of my post is not to offend or make fun of without makeup images of these male actors but to realize the public that they are just normal like us, don’t try to bring the artificiality in your normal life that just change the motive of life. With the great influence of media the Pakistani people are like really inspired by the actors and try to be like them, it’s just the glam and glitz of showbiz that sometimes deceptive at all.  Anyhow let’s start from the very first picture given below and the first actor in the category is;

Humayun Saeed:

1. Humayun Saeed

He is the king of our Pakistan film and drama industry and after a long period of time he has taken comeback to dramas, that is very pleasant thing for his fans. He always comes on screen having natural makeover like lipstick, foundation and sometime blusher but it’s a fact that he has beautiful features and to make them more attractive the use of makeup delights his masculine beauty gorgeously.

Fawad Khan:

2. Fawad Khan

The beat of every heart, just and only Fawad Khan who seems getting the higher sophistication of best looks whether in films or dramas but this picture is telling something more than it with no makeup or if the disaster of makeup. However we love him but only complain we want mention here is that, he has limited himself only to Indian films and his Pakistani fans want to see him in Pakistan again.

Faisal Qureshi:

3. Faisal Qureshi

I just wanna say one thing about his talented personality that with the passage of time Faisal has not only made her personality more groomed but the acting skills too. This picture is also the mirror of using makeup by actors and Faisal without makeup is looking bit different than on screen.

Sahir Lodhi:

4. Sahir Lodhi

Well I don’t know why but his personality has always been controversial and he is also one of the actors who wear a lot of makeover and if it is said that he is the true example of makeup shop it would be alright. The dark tone skin and messy look in the picture is revealing his appreciating art of using makeup that is not reflecting from this picture at all but we wanna say him don’t spoil your manly beauty as the glamorous look presents him just like the females.

Hamza Ali Abbasi:

5. Hamza Ali Abbasi

This actor has made his space in showbiz speedily but talking about his personality back to the scene we can say that his fair complexion and Kashmiri features are natural yet he comes on the scene getting tints of makeup.

Fahad Mustafa:


6. Fahad Mustafa

A totally changed personality observed from the very first appearance in showbiz and at present, this actor has defined the true use of makeover but about Fahad it is also said that the too much use of foundation has become his passion. Anyhow we love her even with tan or fair skin tone.

Danish Taimoor:

7. Danish Taimoor

Well this picture of Danish Taimoor is disclosing the reality and much difference is in her personality now. He has really made his personality groomed attaining much fair complexion but that can be the blessing of using foundation too.

Ahson Khan:

8. Ahson Khan

I just wanna say him that your features are already beautiful but after wearing too much makeup, he makes himself sometime ridiculous with dark lip gloss and even eye shadow. Searching his without makeup image I hardly found this one but look he did not appear even on public place without using makeover.

Mohib Mirza:


9. Mohib Mirza

Mohib Mirza in the image is just depicting the much difference and creating a line between without and with makeup. He is the truly dark skin Pakistani actor but now it would be sane to say that his and Amina preferences are same to use the same quantity of makeup.

Adeel Chaudhary:

10. Adeel Chaudhary

Adeel Chaudhary is always in the hit list of actors who has made them the true depiction of makeup kit, sorry to say without makeup he is looking right man with manly beauty but after using too much makeup, he looks just like example of any lady who has keen interest in applying makeup tricks.

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