Mann Mayal Episode 17 General Review

| May 18, 2016

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Episode 17:

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Last week, story was gone from where Mikeal’s parents chase him at his card playing place and find him in the center of all ill activities. I appreciate his father’s sensible attitude towards Mikeal, he said that come to home and we will discuss this issue at home. But despite his huge fault rubbish Mikeal treat them very offensively. He said to guard to take them off from this place. Both his parent lament at his brusque at his behavior while driving car. In very stressful mood Mikeal’s father drives the car and tells his wife that he took big loan of 1 million and gave it to Mikeal to invest in business but he deceive them shoddily. During this painful conversation both Mikhael’s parents meet to a severe accident and we find them as died in next scene.  Mannu is badly disturbed at this sudden huge loss while Mikeal insulted her at expression f her emotion in harsh words.

On other hands jamil tells Salahuddin about the death of Mikeal’s parents and he recklessly goes for Mannu’s home where he finds that Mikeal is insulting Mannu severely. Salahuddin’s reaction at Mikeal behave with Mannu was noteworthy. He was abruptly angry and wants to kill Mikeal. He also tells Jamil that protection of Mannu has been more serious issuer for him because now Mikeal’s parents are no more. Most powerful happening of this episode is Salahuddin’s confusion that he has spoiled the life of Mannu. Its right I completely condemn Salahuddin to ruin Mannu’s life. He tees Jamil that he is that person who proved biggest enemy of Mannu, jamil try to console him make him aware that now Mannu is nothing for him. Salahuddin’s acting was great at this scene, strong emotional delivery of dialogues and his gestures were pure indication of his gloomy and guilty innermost situation. We also find Salahuddin most active for Mannu’s life and her happiness. He tells Jamil hat he will invest in Mikeal’s business, later he thinks that he will defeat in his card playing activity. Salahuddin’s feeling and emotional concern towards Mannu revealed more sturdily in this episode. He made clear to Jamil that he wants to spend on Mannu and he will do everything for her happiness because it is his own source of pleasure and satisfaction.

Jeena’s character again was great source of mock rather in this episode it was just like an end of stubbornness and frankness, she carried traditional outfits, hairstyle and jewelry just to grab the attention of Salahuddin  and despite Salahuddin uninterested attitude she reaches towards his home with breakfast. Its height of oddness, she is behaving like a newly married wife who has great emotional concern with her husband. She shares pictures of Beya’s daughter with Salahuddin and try to make her attract towards her. In this episode, jeena also has been aware about the particular place of Mannu in Salahuddin’s life. She asks various things about Mannu from Jamil and Jamil tells everything to her just like an obedient server. I mean why someone not tells to jeena that she is just an employ and she must keep herself in certain professional boundaries.

I am really sorry at those people which are thinking that character of Mann Mayal has no meaning. Did they not see character of Mannu who is perfect epitome of Pakistani modest girl? Despite Mikeal’s insulting behave to her family and his precious unjust record she tries to make him understand that now their parents are no more and it’s time to be responsible for both of them but Mikeal alleges Mannu as responsible for his parents death by saying that she told them about his card playing activity. He also threatens her that death of his parents is biggest lost for you because now he is free to do every wrong thing without any restriction. During Mikeal’s conversation Mannu guessed that t is Salahuddin who informed her parents-in-law about Mikeal’s ill activities. She goes to Salahuddin and once again condemns him for the consequence of his action (that he told Mikeal’s parents about his activities). In this scene we find Mannu totally helpless, gloomy and true picture of conventional heroine. Salahuddin says some compact words in his justification and it seem that despite Mannu’s outer divergence, her heart is little bit admitting that Salahuddin has genuine concern for her and it is also shown in next episode’s clips that Mannu and Salahuddin developed some mutual attachment emotional with each other. For next episode it also shown that Mikeal finds that mutual development between Mannu and Salahuddin, thing is making the fans of this drama greatly enthusiastic for next episode.

 Man mayal drama episode 17 review (1)  Man mayal drama episode 17 review

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