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| July 26, 2016

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First of all I will appreciate the apt depiction of dual standards of our society, suffering and torture which our society is made y a divorced lady is truly depicted by the team, of Mann Mayal. Minahil’s name turned to Mannu by her family and friends and from Mannu turned to “2 bacho ki maa” after divorced from Mickeal. Even her childhood friend and class fellow “Bia” has very poor remarks about her. She considered her brother as Shahzada and most eligible bachelor of Pakistan while Mannu is just “2 bachun ki maa” who doesn’t deserve anything better in her life. Greatly it is disappointing but the harsh reality of our society’s double standards.

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Jeena’s character is no more than a psycho personality and I must salute to her tremendous stamina to cross every limit to get insert in Salahuddin life. She manipulated almost every character of this drama, Salahuddin’s parents, Jamil, Bia and now she has some positive hopes from Mickeal. Jeena’ dialogues when she insulted Mannu at call proved that she has no hearty concern wit Salahuddin, she just want to be his wife due to his ideal eligibility. Things are leaving her in more depression and her abnormal psyche is revealing more and more. Only commitment of a professional crime is left by jeena to get place in Salahuddin’s life.  We are expecting from the last episode that she is just interested in taking revenge but it was wrong assumption still she is trying every trick to come back to Salahuddin. How much she is fool that she is expecting that a sloppy and ineffective person like Mickeal can bring any sweet fruit for her as consequence of her vain efforts to get back Salahuddin.

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Gradually Salahuddin’s character has become more confident and powerful enough that he has ability to change the situations in his favor. His blunt love confession to Mannu and his way to convince his parents to have Mannu in his life is enough to admit his excellent ability to change other’s point of views in his favor (I must say he is great emotional blackmailer, he convince his parents for Mannu by using emotional statements and get 100% result from those simple Ami and Abu. Salahuddin’s attitude to Mannu is still jolly but was little bit more serious than earlier. It is good change and finally he is peeving himself as a man who has definite personality and he knows what he has o do in life.

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Mannu is turning more and more confused and split personality, at one side she smiled at Salahuddin’s caring attitude and wants to live with him but she can’t admit all this because time and again everyone remind her that she is no one but just “a mother of two kids”. I say with regret that Mannu has no personality at this situation of her life. She has no strong decision about her future, no will and confused about what she should do at all these happenings. It is also little bit ridiculous that how can she lost her kids in park when her all attention must be at her kids and she has to with them all the time. Earlier when Tippu lost in park then her attention is divert in talk to Mickeal and she also knows that her Saas is with kids but now how can she allow this thing to happen so easily.

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Jamil is reduced just to the level of puppet of jeena. But from promo we have hope that he will learn something significant about jeena’s fraudulent nature and he will lose trust of Salahuddin ad Mannu because Mannu told to Salahuddin that it was Jamil who offered her to go in park with kids. From promo it is also expected that things are more turning into favor of Mannu and Salahuddin’s relationship. Let’s see what happen to next.

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