Mann Mayal Episode no 25 Review

| July 13, 2016

Mann Mayal 25 episode:

First of all I will like to mention the great deed of final decision made by Salahuddin. Finally he clearly announced his feelings for menu and take off his engagement ring to return it to jeena.  It was mention worthy act of this episode which is greatly pleasant. Despite jeena’s all mean efforts to win the title of Salahuddin’s wife has been fruitless. It is great news for Mann Mayal’ viewers, that now Salahuddin has been closed jeena’s chapter from his life and we are feeling sorry for jeena because her expensive gifts and fake concerns didn’t bring any positive consequence for her.

I was surprised at Salahuddin mother’ attitude and its all credit go to money. Salahuddin mother proved that time changes the person and their attitudes. Her insulting remarks at Mennu and rude questioning about every affair are enough to associate ourselves with Mennu. But along with this thing I will appreciate her perceiving powers. She is rational lad and has great capability to examine persons. Her dissatisfaction for jeena as her Bahu is showing that she is not easy to trap. It a great lesson for those girls who thinks that by offering some expensive gifts to fiancée’ family members, they can achieve their favor.

Drama is little bit inconvincible due to parents of Mennu’ lame excuses, still her mother is forcing her to stay at Salahuddin’s house for one more month. Why Mennu can’t stay at their homes besides the servants. Have their servants also been shifted in hospital with family? It is ridiculous and shameless act for her parents that they are compelling their daughter to live in house of Salahuddin.

The way of treating Salahuddin to Mennu is clearly just like of caring husband who cares about her needs and emotions greatly. I think that Salahuddin act of taking decision to finish his engagement to Jeena is direct result of his mother’s behavior with Mennu. He demands lovely promise from Mannu and force her to share her every discomfort and pain with him his conversation with Jamil is also shows that his whole heart is filled with genuine concern for her.

One more mention worthy thing that I am highlighting here is relationship between jeena and jamil. Jeena trapped him and now is irritating from jamil’s cheap moments. Jamil must know about the fake nature of jeena who use every trick to move circumstances in her favor, even she forced to make Salahuddin sure that he is perfect for home and family. She can’t admit her defeat and can’t lose an eligible bachelor such like Salahuddin who can afford him.

For the nest episode it is shown in promo that Mickeal is back and jeena is trapping him by offering money. Still jeena is working for her married further building while there are great chances of patch up between Salahuddin and Mannu. Salahuddin also try to force his mother to think about Mannu at his life partner.

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